100 Million Years ago, in the mid Cretaceous Period. In a floodplain that will become the rocky hills of the Cerro Barcino Formation in Patagonia, Argentina. A lone Patagotitan wanders into an outer edges of a lake while his heard is in the distance.

A sauropod of the titanosauria family Patagotitan is one of the biggest dinosaurs ever found, estimates based on the few bones bones found and other titanosaurs puts Patagotitan at around 120 feet long, weighing at about 63 tons. I’m a long time dinosaur lover thanks to my late grandfather being a paleontologist and the movie series “The Land Before Time.” A reconstructed skeleton of a Patagotitan is on display in the main entry hall of the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History, I’ve seen it myself.

Originally I was going to do its more famous cousin Argentinosuarus, but I chose Patagotitian for paleontologists have found more bones of Patagotitian and have a better understanding on how it looked.

I’m open to feedback and critiques. Hope you like the painting.

Patagotitan in the Cloudy Cretaceous