A new year, same challenges, new art. While looking for work in a creative field I’m still making art. Right now my interests have moved to one of my favorite passions Dinosaurs and Paleontology. A friend suggested after seeing “Childhood Dream” that I do a children’s book about dinosaurs. And I have always wanted to do a “Walking with Dinosaurs” project where each episode would focus on the dinosaurs and animals for various famous rock formations that have yielded many paleontology discoveries. The Hellcreek formation in Montana though the Dakotas for example where my Granddad worked. Or the Morrison Formation in the American west, the Real Jurassic Park. Or the Oxford Clay formation in England with has yielded both Dinosaurs and large aquatic reptiles, the Kem Kem Group in Morocco, the Nemegt Formation in the Gobi Dessert Mongolia, or the La Brea Tar Pits located in the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles witch is practically a reservoir of prehistoric Mammals and animals from the last ice age.

Today I’m making a drawing based on the Javelina Formation in the Texas/Mexican boarder. Dated in the late Cretaceous near the end of the reign of the Dinosaurs. This is a work in progress and I am open to feedback and critiques.