I guess this year I am going to do a series of paintings based on my love of Dinosaurs and Paleontology. Each painting will be based on a rock formation or area that have yielded fossils.

Here is the first one, “Walking in the Javelina Formation”. 66 Million years ago, near what will be the Texas/Mexico a boy walks with a mixed heard of giant herbivores, the hadrosaur Kritosaurus, the ceratopsidae Bravoceratops, and the giant sauropod Alamosaurus, a contender for the biggest animal to ever walk on North America. Together the heard subtly ward off a eager Tyrannosaurus Rex. Overhead a Quetzalcoatlus flies overhead while a Saurornitholestes raptor looks on over his stingray lunch.

The Javelina Formation is one of several fossil baring formations in Texas in the Late Cretaceous period. Texas during that time was probably a great time for Dinosaurs. Every famous plant eater was there, horned dinosaurs, armored Ankylosaurus, hadrosaurs, raptors and giant sauropods were making a comeback after a long decline after the glory days of the Jurassic era. Then there’s Quetzalcoatlus, one of the biggest flying animals in the world, giant crocodiles, and of course T-Rex, the biggest star of all the Dinosaurs.

I’m currently getting the next painting in the series started. For now I am open to critiques and feedback, hope you like it!