Been busy with a second job but I still have time to work in my “Walking in” series. Here is the latest in the series: “Walking in the Nemegt Formation”.

70 Million years ago in a delta wich today is in the arid dry Gobi Dessert of Mongolia, two amazing and unusual dinosaurs live. First a Mongolian girl rides with a family of fishing Deinocheirus. First discovered with a long forelimb, the dinosaur was later reveled to be a giant, duck billed, omnivorous Theropod, one of the most mysterious and amazing Dinosaurs in the history of paleontology. Another unusual dinosaur found in the formation was also found with a giant forelimb, this one with large scythe-like claws newly a meter long. Later finds revolved that this “scythe lizard”, Theirzinsaurus, was giant, chicken-like herbivore. Two Theirzinsaurus’ are in the picture, one is eating from a tree, the other is fighting off Aisa’s T-rex, a Tarbosaurus. This fight scares off a flock of Gallimimus, one of the largest Ornithomimide dinosaurs found. An armored Tarchia joins the Deinocheirus at the pond, while a lone Nemegtomaia scampers off from the Deinocheirus chicks. In the background, two herds march down hills. A herd of the hadrosaur Saurolophus leads followed by the sauropod Nemegtosaurus. Riding with the girl is a tiny dinosaur with it’s own unique forelimb, Mononykus. A small insect eater with a single large claw on its forelimbs. Overall the Nemegt formation is home to some of the most unusual and amazing Dinosaurs.

I am open to critiques and feedback. I hope you like it!