Happy 4th of July everyone!! To celebrate here is my latest painting in the “Walking In Series”.

Today we go back 230 million years ago in the Triassic era, the dawn of the Dinosaurs. We are in what will become the La Rioja and San Juan Provences of northwestern Argentina. Here a argentinian cowgirl watches the landscape filled with exotic triassic animals. Only two dinosaurs in this picture. Including a Panphagia behind the girl, an early ancestor of sauropods. The girl is joined with proto-mammals Chiniquodon. Across the river the drama unfolds, a giant Saurosuchus, a corcoadile relative and apex predator here has taken down a Ischigualastia, a mammal-like reptile of the Dicynodont family who were the main herbivore reptile of the Triassic. The rest of the heard of Ischigualastia flee along with a Aetosauroides, a aetosaur herbivore that looks like a running crocodile. But the Saurosuchus can’t enjoy it’s meal for a ambitious Herrerasaurus has decided to challenge the apex predator for the kill. The Herrerasuarus is the other dinosaur here and an early carnivore. In the background a Sillioscichus munches on leaves while a small flock of Pisanosurus flees to the woods. There are not dinosaurs but dinosaur-like reptiles that are common in the triassic and will be replaced by Dinosaurs in the Jurassic. Finally in the left bank a small reptile called Pseudochampsa hovers near the kill waiting to scavenge.

On the right bank we have a lone Pisanosurus having a drink while several beaked herbivore reptiles called Hyperodapedon munch on ferns. They are watched by another photo-mammal called Exaeretodon. In the river, several Pelorocephalus swim.

I am open to feedback and critiques and I hope you like “Walking in the Ischigualasto Formation”!