So the Holiday season is just around the corner. Things are going to get busy till the new year but I am still making art. Here is the drawing for my next painting in the “Walking In” Series. “Walking in the Alcobaca and Lourinha Formations.” This is Europe’s equivalent of the Morrison formation in the United States, set in the same time, the Jurassic Period about 150 Million years ago. This is the first painting where I am combining two different Dinosaur baring formations in one painting, but both formations have similar dinosaurs and are in the same time period and location. The Lourinha formation is renowned for Dinosaurs, however the Alcobaca formation has a wide range of Jurassic Mammal fossils. Including a complete skeleton of a Henkelotherium, an extremely rare find. Full color painting coming soon!

Walking in the Alcobaca and Lourinha Formations