Here are the characters of my fan series: Star Trek Unity.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Here is the senior staff in the Enterprise F in my universe taking place in the 28th century. (I moved the time of Star Trek timeline up 3 centuries to give mankind more time to invent the necessary technology.  Kirk’s tenure of the original Enterprise was 2565-2570.  Brandon Braga once said that the Star Trek Franchise needed something akin to DC comic’s “Crisis of Infinite Earths” to attract new fans, so I am playing around in the original timeline incorporating elements from the new shows and the new shows and the “Splinter Timeline”, the book timeline that began at the end of DS9 and took off after Nemesis.)

Now!  Time to meet the Crew!

Seated center: Captain Kion M’Ress, Species: Caitian.  

He joined Starfleet to make a difference in the service, to make non-human crews more visible and unify all the species of the Federation, during his training and his service he discovered a love of exploration and first contact.  He is the Great-Grandson Shiboline M’Ress, the Caitian COMMs officer who served with Captain Kirk.  Though Kion remembers his Great-Grandmother more as the first Caitian to become a captain of a Starfleet vessel.  His Grandmother is a diplomat of the Federation and his mother was a captain in the Caitian Defense Force who was killed by Klingons in front of Kion during a during a Dominion War victory celebration that went horribly wrong.   

He is a laid back and friendly command style who love to socialize with his crew. Nonetheless he expects his crew to uphold Starfleet rules and regs to the letter.  He wants to avoid breaking the prime directive whenever he could.  He is been in Starfleet for over 20 years.  His career has been tough because of negative styeotypes of male Caitians being either unruly that needed to be tamed by females (Caitians are matriarchal society since females outnumber males 4 to 1) or Males being un incorrigible  womanizers. Neither is true with Kion, he is a loving pride mate to 5 females and loving father to half a dozen cubs.  Kion is a sociable person with an easy sense of humor.  He is a natural diplomat at level with Jean-Luc Picard. His interests include art, archeology such as pre-federation space-fareing civilizations, planetology, an amateur Caitian and Federation historian, and is a walking encyclopedia of Starfleet vessels. His career highlights include: surviving a Borg invasion, serving as deputy chief of security on a deep-space station,  being demoted by false charges and serving on the USS Cerritos, where he befriended the “Lower Deckers”, commanding a Defiant Class ship, serving as First Officer on a Galaxy mark 2 ship and commanding an Argonaut-Class medium cruiser Reliant.  He got the Enterprise after saving earth from a Klingon invasion which was orchestrated by the Kenshya manipulating the empire.       

Seated Left: Commander Lesahuna Romeru. First Officer. Human, African and Hispanic Decent.  

A true-blue Starfleet officer who rose through the ranks quickly.  She came from a long line of Starfleet officers. Her father is an admiral commanding a Starbase and her mother is a long serving captain currently serving as a teacher in the Academies commanding training ships.  Leshauna is proud of her African and hispanic origins and is a authority on Earth history. She wants to be an explorer remembered in the same breath as Kirk or Picard. 

She served on the Enterprise-E under Commodore William Riker as navigator, later serving on the Stargazer-B under Captain Cristobal Rios as second officer.  She was later the last first officer of the Enterprise-E before it’s loss in the Klingon invasion of earth of which the Kenshya engineered.  

She is determined to live up to Starfleet and humanities best qualities and yet has to deal with humanities short comings and the realization is that humans are becoming a minority in Starfleet and in the federation number-wise.  She is the only human in the senior staff and only 10% of the crew of the Enterprise F is human.  She never served on a ship with a such a crew it’s going to take some time to get used to.  

Floating Right of Kion: Commander Ofillia Debionas. Second Officer. Spieces: Haferinian.  

A semi aquatic race that can breathe in water and air for a few hours but live full time under-water.  Her home world Requa is a Class O world with many small islands, largest is the same land area of Greenland.  Most of the seas are shallow compared to earth, it’s deepest point is only half the depth of earth’s Mariana Trench.  Some humans compare Requa’s oceans to the ancient Tethys Sea during the Mesozoic era particularly around Europe in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Hafeinians are powerful telepaths.  At rest she has a empathic field that can pick up emotions like a half Betazoid but when focusing Ofillia can read minds clearing, reaching for deep memories that very few resistance techniques can block.  At times of stress or threat, Haferinians can trigger a telepathic pulse that forces a victim to experience every negative memories at once.  Reactions can vary based on a individual ranging from disorientation to panic attacks or in rare cases complete metal breakdowns.  

In order to operate in a class M environment Ofillia needs a spacial life-support and Anti-Grav suit. The suit gives her oxygenated water and allows her to “swim” in mid-air but the anit-grav power generators need to be recharged every 6 hours of constant use.  The life support systems have a different power systems that can be recharged but can last for months.  The suit is relatively new, in the past Ofillia needed a hover chair to move around.  

Ofillia is one of the first Hafernian to join Starfleet and is determined to let her “disabilities” and her reliance of technology hold her back.  She used to serve as a science officer with expertise in Exobiology, Astrophysics and Anthropology.  Later encouraged by her CO to pursue command.  She served with Kion M’Ress for 10 years and is good friends with him.  She served as second officer on the Reliant before the enterprise.  Ofillia is very sociable and friendly with an upbeat persona and loves to make fun of herself.  As second officer she handles inter-crew problems and she is used to serving with an multi-species crew, all the ships she served on all have diverse crews. 

Far right: Commander Kershel, Chief Engineer. Edosian.

Of all the senior staff, Kershel has served Starfleet the longest, since the Dominion War began.  Her first ship the Achilles-class battlecruiser Xuur was pulled into the Delta Quadrant by a Icodian gateway discovered it the outer edges of Cardassian space and was destroyed to prevent the Dominion from getting the gateways in the Alpha and Delta Quadrants.  But Kershel and 67 other Xuur cremates where rescued by the USS Voyager where she served as an engineer for 2 and half years.  (Consequently, Voyager found another gateway to get home. “Timeless did not happen in my universe, sorry). 

Since then Kershel has had a log and illustrious career serving a wide roles including Operation Integration: a mission to incorporate new technology from USS Voyager’s Delta exposition to all of starfleet. Engineering positions on a wide range of ships, including Chief Engineer on 5 ships.  She worked for the S.C.E a few times.  She turned down a promotion to Captain of a SCE vessel to serve as Chief Engineer on the Enterprise-F.  She met Kion M’ress once while they served together on the USS Sentinel when Kion was Second officer under Captain Harry Kim.

Kershel has a “seen it all” attitude and a little cranky.  She is a meticulous engineer whit no patience for bad engineering jobs committed by her subordinates or superiors. Normally she treats her crew fairly and mentors younger engineers. She can get preoccupied with an problem to a point where she ignores everything else. 

Left Front: Dr. Iasami Iao Clein, Chief Medical Officer. Species: Areona.  

A carnivorous  spider-like species who have a caste system genetically programed into hatchlings.  Leaders, warriors, builders and multi-purpose caste.  Iasami if from a multi-purpose caste who wanted to study alien life and later discovered a talent for medicine and a desire to help others.  She is top rated doctor and has a degree in exobiology.  She served Kion before on Starbase 185 and as Chief Medical Officer on the Reliant.

Some are alarmed by Iasami’s appearance and eating habbits but she is a doctor anyone would want.  She is very gentle, upbeat, gregarious who loves to socialize.  She never imposes her will on her patients and is deeply concerned of their desires. She speaks through a translator badge.  One of her interests is ancient medical technology and has a collection of old tools such as scalpels, syringes and odd medical blades.  

Seated right: Lt. Comm Dakara, Chef Counselor and Diplomatic Officer. Species: Esumansia.  

A carnivorous reptile species with feathered wings that allows them to fly.  They have high metabolism thanks to an air sack breathing system used by terran birds and possibly dinosaurs.  

Dakara has a tragic past.  Her people have been occupied by the Tzenkethi “Old Guard” after the Dominion war.  That was their first contact with alien spices.  They were at 21st century earth level by the time they were invaded.  Dakara was forced to flee her home world when she was little but her mother and little sister were left behind and her father was badly hurt while they left and lost his left wing.  Her refugee ship was rescued by Starfleet Vessel who helped them relocated them to a planet very similar of their home world of Draya.  Dakara was very impressed by the Starfleet officers especially the counselors who helped her with her emotional wounds and decided to become one herself.  Still she worries about her mother and is very uncomfortable around Tzenkethi. 

Dakara is an expert in deep trauma and has medical training equivalent of a nurse practitioner.  She served on the Reliant with Captain M’Ress.  She speaks in a southern belle accent.  She is very cheerful, playful and loves to play jokes, and can be the ship’s cheerleader.  She can be a fierce fighter if needs to be but has relaxed counseling style who allows the patient to find their own way to recovery. Her medical training also makes her an expert on mental conditions caused by neural defects.   

Right next to Leshauna: Lt. Comm. Siax Berron Ke’Nav, Chief Science Officer.  Species: Jassovarian.  

S/he is from a dual-sexed people from a high gravity super-earth planet.  They are related to coral and anemones but they move on land the same way snakes move.  They have 360 degree vision and their eyes can operate independently.  Jassovarians are gregarious society who loves to live in large groups in small spaces but some individuals like Siax have a nural condition called Te’pekki syndrome which makes them prefer solitude but are blessed with great intelligence about the norm.  Some of the best minds in the Jassovarian culture had Te’pekki including the one who developed FTL travel.  

Jassovarians breath Nitrogen but oxygen is poisonous to them and they need a breather filter in class M environments.  The communicate via skin colors and verbal noises that does not Plus they need and a gravity belt to simulate the 2G of their home world, otherwise their bodies will get week in 1G gravity and later become a useless jelly.  As a result they need special quarters on ship with airlocks and an alcove for class M guest to come witch suits the solitary Siax just fine. Normal Jassovarins would balk in living in a solitary environment and have their own ships but Siax prefers to be alone.  

Siax is a brilliant scientist with expertise in Space Sciences, astrophysics and quantum theory.  He likes to work with other scientists but spends his spare time in his special quarters which can serve as a private science lab.  He has served in Starfleet for some time.  Was assigned to the Enterprise E, but was kidnapped by the Kenshya for study along with the ship’s few other “exotic species”.  However with help with Ofillia Debionas he helped free his crew mates and the crew of the Reliant.

Behind Leshauna right: Lt.Comm Zha’Dee Yarrick of Clan Thelen. Chief of Security. Species: Tarsian, a species mentioned but never seen in the TNG episode “The Hunted”.  

A bovine species with a warrior culture but without a strict code of honor and desire to conquer like Klingons. They were at war with an humanoid race called Angosians who were in fact the unintentional aggressors.

Zha’Dee was born after “The Hunted”.  She served in the second Tarsian war which was started by rouge genetically engineered Angosian Soldiers and lasted 9 years.  She rose to the rank of Sr. Pack Leader and took part in the invasion of Angosia and later was assigned to the occupational force of the planet. 

The Federation provided humanitarian aid to both planets.  At first Zha’Dee had very negative feelings towards the Federation who saw humans as Angosian lacks so she was deeply surprised when the Starfleet personnel that arrived were not human (a deliberate choice by the Federation).  She eventually decides to join Starfleet to give her people more presence in the Galaxy.  
Zha’Dee has served in a verity a roles in Starfleet including humanitarian missions in Tzenkethi Humanitarian missions.  She was assigned to the Enterprise E during the Kenshya crisis and helped the crew of the Reliant save Earth. 

Zha’Dee is tough at work, a fierce warrior and ever cautious.  Off-Duty she is laid back and very curious about the different species around her though she tends to look down on species who need technology to function in a class M environment.  Off duty or not she is quick comment good warrior skills and courage.  She often spars with her crew mates and Captain M’Ress.  Zha’Dee also has a mate and two adolescent kids back at home.  

Sitting between Kion and Leshauna: Lt.Comm Veroni K’Rona, Chief Operations Officer.  Caitian.  

She came from a space faring nomadic family who were practiced life styles wich conflicted Caitian social norms such as shunning medical science and making Males in charge. She left her family in her teens determined to make a life for herself, joining Starfleet in the process.  Her gift with computers and information tech caught the attention of Starfleet intelligence and unknown to most of her crew mates she works for them off an on as a agent.  She met Tri’onya S’Kia while working at a Starbase and became lovers with her. who in turn introduced Veroni to Kion M’Ress and his growing pride and became a member.  Veroni has one Daughter with Kion.  

Veroni is a computer and tech whizz who often assists the engineers in running the ship and is good at parsing through information looking for pieces of intel and malware.  She used to be a solitary person but is befriending many members of the Enterprise crew. She is the one with up to date information on the latest tech, Federation News, Crew information and Starship gossip.  

Right behind Leshauna: Lt. Sera’tashi Xosha, Chief Tactical Officer (Weapons Officer, on starships with crews larger than 400 it is required for a separate Chief of Security and Tactical officer). Species: Tzenkethi a species mentioned but never seen in the canon series.  It is mentioned that the Federation and Captain Sisco fought them during that time. I am basing my ideas of the species on the works of David R. George III.  They are humanoids which flexible bodies and skin that can glow in the dark and give an electrical charge.  

Tezenkethi lived in a society where one’s role is determined by their genetic makeup.  The idea of freedom and self-determination is associated with madness in historical times when multiple social equities brought chaos. They also taken this step further by selectively breeding groups with specific traits, leaders, soldiers, scientists, basic laborers.  This involves individuals being forced to mate with partners approved by the state and the Tzenkethi has forced this on other species the Tzenkethi had occupied.  However this selective breeding has lead to some cases of inbreeding especially in the leadership classes.  Akin to the crown heads of Europe in the 18t to 20th centuries. Plus the concept of selective breeding is reality new in Tzenkenthi history and has becoming less and popular with the populace.  Ever since first contact with the Federation a resistance group called The Neo-Kethi movement.  Mostly consisting with Tzenkethi born out of government regulation, and species occupied by the Tzenkethi, their goal is to restore the Tzenkethi people to their original state and different groups to choose mates with anyone.  

Sera, the first Tzenkethi to join Starfleet, was a part of that movement, from a very young age.  Her mother was a high ranking government agent who was forced to go underground.  She had already bared two sons who had severe defects from her approved mate and she had Sera with a lower caste male in order to show her approved mate she can bare healthy children.  Sera has served in resistance starships as a technician, medic, gunner and later senior weapons officer on the resistance flagship. After years of strife the Neo-Kenthi movement was allowed to settle on a few planets in Federation space.  Sera met several Starfleet officers including Kion M’Ress who were providing humanitarian aid and defense.  Sera was recruited with several other resistance soldiers to serve on Starfleet vessels as exchange officers.  Sera served on the Bonaventure where Kion was first officer.  She served on the program for 2 years preforming extremely well.  Sera decided to join Starfleet to repay the help Starfleet gave to her people and expose herself to new cultures.  

Sera has not been in Starfleet long but she’s had a rough career.  At the academy and in two previous ships she experienced discrimination from human and core world crews who still think of the Tzenkethi an enemy.  Kion M’Ress brought Sera to the Reliant where she served with distinction especially during the Kenshya affair.  Some in starfleet don’t want Sera to serve as Chief Tactical officer on the flagship of starfleet but many others in Starfleet command support Sera’s posting.

Because of her experience with humans Sera is not much a socializer.  She is quiet and reserved.  She is a calculating individual who prefers thought over action. She has talents in engineering and a trained field medic.  Her other talents include music.  She loves playing the guitar off duty. 

Left, behind Dakara: Lt. Derian, Chief Navigator.  Vulcan. 

Derian has been Starfleet as long Kion has but was very slow to rise through the ranks.  As a navigator he is top notch and math magician with expertise in astrophysics, but is from conservative Vulcan stock.  Derian is from a family of high standing from Vulcan, Father and brother are judges of high standing and mother is a professor.  Derian is very logical and comes across scornful for emotion.  He has none himself, he completed the Kolinahr ritual to purge all emotions at unusually young age. 

Derian’s long career includes Starfleet’s first foray to re-explore the Delta Quadrant.  He served with Tuvok as his commender a few times and the two think very well of each other.  Derian was promoted to Lt.Comm. and made second officer of the Enterprise-E for a brief time but was demoted after the Kenshya affair for spreading false information and leaving the Reliant crew behind.  Derian was supposed to be transferred to a ship with a mostly Vulcan crew but he was transferred to the Enterprise-F at the last minute.  Officially he was assigned to the ship by his Navigational skills, unknown to the rest of the crew he is spying for the Head of Starfleet Operations Admiral Derrick Erickson who deeply disapproves of Kion M’Ress being captain of the Enterprise.  

Derian is an loner and reveals little to the rest of crew and prefers to keep it that way.  Again can be seen as scornful of emotions and promotes logical thinking as superior above all.  He can get “a little” agitated by lack of discipline and protocol on duty or by piratical jokes.  He is quick to criticize but he is a big help to the science department with his mathematical skills and will fallow orders without quorum and he seems to enjoy difficult calculations.  He does have some odd characteristics for a Vulcan.  He comes across as a flirt to any Vulcan woman on the ship.   

Far Right: Lt. Xaphina D’Jai, Chief Helmsman. Orion.  

Xaphina is the opposite of Derian.  She is an energetic thrill seeker who expresses her emotions freely.  She has not been in Starfleet long but had served on many ships but she served on each ship for a brief time due to conflicts with various crew mates.  On her first ship, she claimed her young male human captain made romantic moves on her and she left another ship when a Vulcan crew member made a rather unfeeling comment about her species.  When she was assigned to the Reliant, Kion M’Ress mentored her about being a better officer and Xaphina became top notch officer even though she still doesn’t behave like a “proper” officer on duty.   

Her piloting skills are unmatched and she loves daring doo.  The riskier the piloting job, the happier she is, but she would never put other people as risk.  She is a tough fighter who has mastered several Orion martial arts   But Xaphina has a nonchalant approach to duty.  She jokes, calls people by name instead of rank, even superiors, plain & blunt specking, sarcastic, and pushes the boundaries of rules of decorum to the limits.  Off-duty Xaphina is a party animal.  She knows the best holodeck programs, and arranges the best parties in the ships recreational areas.  Xaphina herself is a beautiful singer and dancer herself.  She makes friends easily no matter what rank and loves kids.  Xaphina’s cheery exterior hides a sad past.  She is the daughter of a single mother who was assaulted and later committed suicide.       

Xaphina is very much aware of the popular stereotypes of Orion woman, sex slave women who work for criminal empires who would stab someone in the back if they have the opportunity.  Xaphina is determined to show the universe the real Orion people.  Fun loving, open minded people with no restrictions on love and loving families with females in charge.  

Stadning next to Kion: Ambassador Tri’oniya S’Kia, Caitian, Starfleet Ambassador and Chief Liaison to the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  

Tri’oniya, or Triya, is assigned to the Enterprise the represent the Federation council at a civilian level and negotiate treaties with along with Starfleet personnel and evaluate newly contacted species for further contact.  The decision to have diplomats on Starships came about to ease the tension between Starfleet and the Diplomatic Corps and also in response to accusations that Starfleet was not representing the citizens of Federation properly and causing trouble such as contact with hostile races such as the Borg and Dominion.  

Triya joined the Corps to give Cait and the people of the Federation a loader voice.  She knows what it is like to be victim of other people mistakes.  As a child she lost her home in a Dominion War victory celebration that went horribly wrong, when the saucer section of the Enterprise-D crashed through the major city of Ve’nrera and plowed through the suburbs.  Triya and her Mother survived but she lost a pride aunt and several school friends in the disaster.  In the end several Starfleet officers and Federation politicians were convicted for the disaster along with many Klingon Soldiers.  Amongst the convicted was the Head of Starfleet Tactical Admiral Alyanna Nechayev and the Federation President Min Zife himself.  

Triya began her career as minor diplomat solving internal problems in the Federation.  She was reluctant to work with Starfleet officers af first but after a terrorist group sabotaged a conference with two non-aligned worlds, Triya found herself assigned to the Cerritos as a wondering diplomat.  It was here she met Kion M’Ress and the rest of the “lower deckers”.  They changed her mind about Starfleet.  Trina’s big break came when the Cerritos was assigned to outer edges of Federation and was captured by an fledgling Imperial Race that was enslaving pre-warp races.  Triya with the lower deckers and Kion’s help negotiated a pieace with the two races and non-aggression pack with the Imperialists.  Since then she has been assigned to a verity deep-space assignments and has become an expert in first contact and interracial diplomacy.  During this time she became loving pride mate to Kion and helped him build the pride family they share today and, to date Triya has three cubs with Kion.  

Triya is a woman of many surprising talents.  A keen diplomat, fearsome fighter, amateur medical doctor, has more knowledge of space, starships and space phenomena then the average diplomat.  On the job she is a determined diplomat who holds the Federation on high regards and sometimes her convictions could bring her to conflict with Starfleet personnel if they appear to step over Federation rules.  However, compared to other diplomates, Triya is very open minded and has seen many unusual things in her career.  She feels that Starfleet and Diplomatic Corps can work together and works hard to make this come true.  Off duty she is great company and good friends with the rest of the crew, plus she is a loving pride mate and mother.      

Stay tuned for individual artworks of the characters and biographies!