Meet Captain Kion M’Ress, captain of the Enterprise-F in my fan series Star Trek Unity.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Here is a little biography of him: Kion is the Great-Grandson Shiboline M’Ress, the Caitian COMMs officer who served with Captain Kirk.  Though Kion remembers his Great-Grandmother more as the first Caitian to become a captain of a Starfleet vessel. Kion himself is the first male Caitian to reach the rank of Captain in Starfleet. An astonishing feet for one the Catitians are matriarchal society where males were once treated like second class citizens and in some cases just property, second males are outnumbered by females roughly 4 to 1.  There is an old Caitian stereotype of Males being unruly, dumb and sex-obsessed and need to be tamed by females but that has been considered a sexist stereotype for the last 5 centuries but it still lingers in Caitian society.  Kion joined Starfleet to make a difference in the service, to make non-human crews more visible and unify all the species of the Federation, during his training and his service he discovered a love of exploration and first contact. 

His Grandmother is a diplomat of the Federation and his mother was a captain in the Caitian Defense Force. Kion had a happy, if not ideal childhood, his family consisted a pride of 3 females, his mother Sheroni, her sister and her sister’s lover (known as a pride aunt) all sharing a male who would later leave the family to pursue a career as a freelance commercial pilot. Kion has one sister from his mother, one half-Brother from is aunt and two half sisters from his pride aunt.  His father’s departure made his traditionalist pride aunt be a little harsh towards Kion and his brother Jafan.   Kion knew his great-grandmother right before she passed when he was four and developed an interest to join Starfleet at a young age.  That dream was nearly abandoned because of a a Dominion War victory celebration that went horribly wrong.   

Halfway during the 2 years of the Dominion War, Starfleet, the Klingons and Romulans manned to remove all Dominion Forces.  The Fourth Fleet lead buy General Martok with Captains Benjamin Sisco and Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise-D serving as his deputies were taking repairs at the planet Cait after the fleet and the Caitian self defense forces had liberated several Federation worlds.  A celebration was held in the capital.  Kion, then a teenager, participated in the celebrations with his school and his family as a morale booster moment for the allies.  However the Klingons, exuberant from their recent victory had gotten quite rowdy fueled by blood wine.  One thing led to another and in a few minutes an all out riot erupted what the Klingons assaulting and killing citizens and the confused Starfleet officers were slow to react.  Kion was caught in the middle and he and his sister were about to be mulled by a Klingon lieutenant but his mother got in the way of the Bat’Leth.  She died bleeding in her children’s arms and in front of Kion, Picard, Sisco and their crews.  An outraged Kion nearly assaulted Picard and yelled at him, calling him a stupid human who did not know the Klingons were a race of murders.  Kion’s fit was recorded by a nearby Caitian and overtime it viral all around the Federation.  

Sheroni was one of 213 Caitans killed in that disaster along with 17 children.  The Caitian government was outraged and arrested over 2,000 Klingons which in term outraged the Klingons who thought their men were being held for false charges or simple accidents.  As the Romulans stood back, Starfleet tried to mediate the problem.  Picard tired to convince the Klingons to backdown and let the captured soldiers face justice to no avail.  Meanwhile on Earth the Federation President Min Zief and the head of Starfleet Tactical Admiral Alyanna Nechayev argued with Picard to drop the matter and let the Klingons take back their men but Picard would not betray the Caitians.  Finally Nechayev used the prefix codes of all the Starfleet and Caitian starships to shut them down.  Still Picard persisted and several Klingon captains opened fire on the Enterprise damaging it so badly its warp core suffered a breach.  Picard had the ship’s saucer section separated but the explosion form the star drive section and further Klingon fire had the saucer section crash landing on the major costal city of Dre’Vara and sliding through it’s suburbs.  Starfleet command reactivated the ships and they quickly subdued the Klingons with Martok’s help but too late to save the Enterpirse-D and Dre’Vara.  In the end agents of the Caitian Defence forces arrested Zeif, Nechayev, several other admirals, the president’s staff and Picard and his crew.  Many, including Zeif and Nechayev, were given lengthy prison sentences.  Hundreds of Klingons were given the death sentence and thousands more were imprisoned.  Picard was cleared of charges of negligence and mass manslaughter but the Caitians ordered Starfleet to never promote Picard to Admiral.  Pricard was, and still is a friend of Kion’s Grandmother and attended Sheroni’s memorial service and encouraged Kion to honor his mother’s sacrifice by making a difference in the galaxy.  

Kion over the years managed to get over his anger of Starfleet and later decided to join the service.  One factor was the Queens of Cait encouraged young Caitains to join Starfleet to give Cait a bigger voice in the Federation.  Kion also wanted to enlist to gain experience to join the Federation Diplomatic Corps like his Grandmother.  At the Academy he was to student who excelled academically.  But he also encountered some predigests from mainly human cadets who think Kion only got into Starfleet because the Federation was sorry for Kion for the death of his mother.  That perception would follow Kion for the rest of his career.  Another thing that dogged his time in Starfleet was the Human made stereotype of Caitians as shameless womanizers who don’t care about much in life except getting the most females as possible and become rivals with other males.  Kion is not that Caitian nor is he an unruly male, but the stereotypes have affected him.  He forces himself to control his emotions more so than average Caitian, making him a contemplative individual, embarrassed at time to talk about his own love life, and tries not to act rashly for he feels Starfleet command him more closely than a human officer.  Those feelings were amplified when Kion got command of the Enterprise-F.

Kion is been in Starfleet for over 20 years but the negative perceptions about him have dogged his career.  He graduated in the 10 percentile of his class and chose to be assigned to an deep-space explorer, the Luna-class Encelcdeas as chief helmsman but after an first contact he was forcibly transferred to secruity for “inappropriate behavior”, the main reason was never figured out not even by Kion who claims he never did anything wrong. Though afterwards he was selected to accompany away teams for first contacts.  Another incident happened a half a decade later when Kion was assigned as chief tactical officer on the Vesta-class vessel Palatine.  He was accused of disobeying orders causing the loss of 3 cremates in a shuttle and ruining a joint survey that was also a diplomatic mission.  Kion claimed that he did not receive any orders on the shuttle and he was not warned about any danger.  Nonetheless after serving 2 months in the brig he was transferred to the U.S.S. Cerritos as a jr. security officer, a California Class support ship and tug and served there for 17 months.  Pradoxitly he remembers his time on the Cerritos fondly for he befriended his fellow “lower deckers” who he regards as “Representing the best qualities of Starfleet.”  Ultimately Kion was able to clear his name after the Cerritos rescued the Palatine from an imperialist race who were conquering primitive races.  It turned out a Jr. Ops officer was very jealous of Kion’s high status on the ship and blocked the Captain’s orders in order disgrace Kion and to get a promotion.  

Other highlights of Kion’s career include surviving a Borg invasion, serving as deputy chief of security on a deep-space station, scouting former Borg space, commanding a Defiant Class ship.  His favorite posts so far was second officer and Chief of Security on the Courageous.  It was here he met and fell for several women who later agreed to be pride mates with him. Then Kion served Galaxy mark 2 (Venture subclass) ship the Bonaventure as first officer became a member of a pride and sired the first of his cubs.  Kion was a popular member of crew and the ship participated in many missions of exploration and diplomacy.  Then Kion served briefly on the Enterprise-E.  By this time relations with the Federation and the Klingon Empire were getting strained.  

Many Klingon Great Houses never forgave the Federation for the Empire’s treatment after the war.  While the disaster on Cait was the worst, it was not an isolated incident.  Numerous worlds who hosted Klingons during the war reported incidents of muggings, rapes and murders by visiting Klingon soldiers causing a rise of Klingon hate in the Federation, and thousands of Klingons were imprisoned in the Federation.  As a result after the war the Klingon Empire was forced to pay large amounts of reprobations to the Federation and denying Klingons the right at occupying Cardassian Space. The empire made many angry protests and demanded the imprisoned soldiers to be released.  By the time Kion was assigned to the Enterprise-E the Klingons had launched serval raids in the boarder.  Kion commanded the Enterprise while the captain wan on a boarder world when a raid occurred.  Kion was able to repel the attack but cost of destroying two Klingon ships.  Captain Caden Darnell of the Enterprise accused Kion of causing a diplomatic incident that made Federation/Klingon relations worse, though the Starfleet Admiralty praised Kion for defending the ship and planet.  

Kion left the Enterprise-E but instead of letting his career stagnate he was encouraged to take the captaincy test.  He passed got an Argonaut-Class medium cruiser Reliant.  As a captain, Kion gained a reputation of being reliable and being able to handle many situations.  He helped stop a Ferengi expansionist movement in the Alpha quadrant freeing many Federation and newly discovered worlds from exploitation.  After 3 years of commanding the Reliant the ship was assigned to the Khitomer as part of Starfleet convoy to build a new station over the planet.  The Enterprise-E went ahead and then vanished following a ship that was suspected of playing a role in the assassination of Federation and Klingon diplomats.  Reliant followed a brief message made the Enterprise’s XO to the farthest edge of Klingon space to the world of the Kenshya, a race of religious devotees who see other race who don’t worship their gods as infidels.  They had been at war with the Klingons for centuries and the Klingons never told the Federation, a blatant violation of the Khitomer Accords.

The Kenshya captured the Enterprise and Reliant but Kion and his crew organized an escape.  The Enterprise manged to escape first by using an Icodain Gateway the Kenshya found, but the Reliant had to escape the Kenshya by Slipstream and then had to fight Klingon forces until they reached Khitomer which was blockaded by Klingons.  Kion was able to break the blockade and Slipstream to Earth with the IKS Broasqu’ commanded by Captain Worf to stop a Klingon invasion of Earth and expose the Kenshya. The Enteprise-E was destroyed in the invasion.  The fallout of the invasion and the exposure convinced the Federation to break ties with the Klingon Empire on grounds that they violated the Accords and now Empire was lunching a war of vengeance against the Kenshya.  In recognition of Kion’s bravery during the invasion and to help change the face of Starfleet from being a “homosapians only club” Kion was given command of Starfleet’s newest exploration Flagship: the Odyessy-class Enterprise-F.      

Kion has a laid back and friendly command style who love to socialize with his crew. Kion is a sociable person with an easy sense of humor.  He encourages questions on the bridge and wants everyone to state their opinion. Nonetheless he expects his crew to uphold Starfleet rules and regs to the letter. He wants to avoid breaking the prime directive whenever he could.  Because of the problems he had in his career he tries to be cautious with his command decisions for he is very aware that an admiral in Starfleet command may not agree with his decisions and can take away his command on a whim and that there are a lot of ambitious captains who would love to replace Kion in the command chair.  Thus he has become a contemplative leader, ready to leap in an emergency but prefers to handle a problem from multiple angles and from the side of caution.  Plus he still sensitive of the negative stereotypes on Caitian males, none are true with Kion, he is a devoted pride mate to 5 females and loving father to half a dozen cubs. He is a natural diplomat at level with Jean-Luc Picard capable to isolate the conflict of a situation and defuse them quickly. His interests include art, music, Pre-Federation spacefaring civilizations, planetology, an amateur Caitian and Federation historian, and is a walking encyclopedia of Starfleet vessels.  Off duty he loves to spend time with his family in his favorite place on the ship, the Arboretum. A nature lover, he prefers real plants and landscapes rather holodeck environments.  He also likes to dine with his crew and spar with the security staff. Kion is a martial arts champion and fitness buff.  Kion is in command of the most diverse crews in Starfleet, only 10% of the crew are pure humans.  A fact Kion is very proud of and works hard to have crew work together harmoniously to show that (eventually) all species can unify.