Meet Commander Lesahuna Romeru, first officer of the Enterprise-F in Star Trek Unity. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and is owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.   

First Officer. Human, African and Hispanic Decent.  

Lesahuna Romeru is a true-blue Starfleet officer who rose through the ranks quickly.  She came from a long line of Starfleet officers. Her father is an admiral commanding a Starbase and her mother is a long serving captain currently serving as a teacher in the Academies commanding training ships. Neither parent has served as an explorers but served within the federation in “Mundane assignments”.  Leashuana wanted to be an explorer in the same caliber as Jean-Luc Picard and James Kirk.  She also has a sister in Starfleet but there is also a brother wanted nothing to do with Starfleet and dropped off the radar.  Leshauna is proud of her african and hispanic origins and is a authority on Earth history. She graduated high in her class in the academy.   

Her first assignment was abroad Enterprise-E under Commodore William Riker as chief navigator.  She served on the ship for 5 years and rose in rank from ensign to lieutenant senior grade.  She was involved in many missions mostly in Cardassian space when the their empire nearly fractured after prolonged damage from the Dominion War and numerous rebellions inspired from the liberation of Bajor.  The Enterprise made contact with number of formally subjected races of the Cardassions and defended Federation borders when a short but bloody war erupted between the Cardassians and the Breen.  Also there she met a fellow Starfleet brat and the ship’s second officer and Tactical officer Jason Hunter.  They married and when the Enterprise returned to dry dock for a refit they managed to be assigned to a new ship together.  

That ship was the Avatar-class Stargazer-B under Captain Cristobal Rios where Lesahuna served as Navigator and Jason served as first officer.  Not long after arriving on the ship Lesahuna was promoted to Lt.Comm and 2nd officer after saving the ship from a natural disaster.  During their time on the Stargazer the couple had a daughter Libby. After 4 years Jason got promoted to captain and got reassigned to another ship while Lesahuna was reassigned to an Emissary-class starship Lincoln again as second officer and navigator.  At first Lesashuna love the assignment, she was able to being Libby along and the Emissary-class was a prestigious assignment, but the class was designed to be a diplomatic vessel meant to host ambassadors on long term assignments, second or fallow up contacts was closest the ship would go in exploration.  The Lincoln was assigned to a prolonged peacekeeping mission around the Klingon boarder with relations of the empire were deteriorating. Each negations with the Klingons seemed end either with the Klingons attacking or being pushed away from a border. Lesahuna found the mission boring and disheartening, and she requested a transfer to an exploration vessel.  Reluctantly her captain agreed and Lesahuna was transferred to the Intrepid-class vessel Swiftsure.  Leaving Libby with her grandparents, Leshauna was assigned as first officer and enjoyed her time on the new ship.  She became great friends with the crew and they explored the Odyssean Pass, region of unexplored space between Klingon and former Romluan Space.  Their mission was interrupted by an escalation Klingon attacks on the border.  

When the Quicksilver was docked for repairs, Lesahuna found herself reassigned back to Enterprise-E as first officer on a temporary basis.  Captain Darnell was a harsh and demanding commander who went through many first officers.  The Enterprise was called into Klingon Space to investigate unknown transmission picked up by Starfleet Intelligence which were encoded differently from regular Klingon traffic.  The Enterprise was captured by unknown aliens after investigating a neglected Klingon communications buoy.  However while the ship was boarded Leashuana was able to send a encoded message to Khitomer.  The starship Reliant came to help and was also captured.  Then it appeared that the Captain Darnell and many of the Crew of the Enterprise escaped the Kenshya, but Darnell left behind many of the crew members of “exotic” races.  Lesahuna tired to freed them but only got recaptured.  Eventually she and the rest of the Enterprise crew were rescued by the Reliant.  Lesahuna helped the Reliant crew save Earth from the Klingon invasion the Kenshya orchestrated but not in time to save the Enterprise-E.  When Captain Kion M’Ress was selected to be the captain of the Enterprise-F, Starfleet command highly recommended Lesahuna for First Officer noting her accomplishments on the Stargazer and Swiftsure.  Kion wanting to follow Starfleet’s advice and deciding that an officer he never served with before on the same ship could be helpful in giving advice so he took her on to Lesahuna’s delight.

Lesahuna is very proud to serve not the Enterprise, she loves Starfleet and is determined to live up to Starfleet and humanities best qualities. Yet, being on board one of the most diverse crews in the fleet, has to deal with humanities short comings and the realization is that humans are becoming a minority in Starfleet and in the Federation number-wise.  She is the only human in the senior staff, she never served on a ship with a such a diverse crew and it’s going to take some time to get used to it.  She had difficulty dealing with inter-crew conflicts as per her job as First Officer.  She eventually gave up that job to the Enterprise’s second officer Ofillia Debionas who had served with diverse crews in the past.  She tires to get to know the crew but she is not a natural fraternizer like Kion.  All of her previous commanders preferred to keep a professional distance from their crews and Lesahuna has adopted this distance in order to cope with the new crew.  

Lesahuna is a bold and daring individual, she would push to investigate a new discovery and come to the aid of anyone who asks for help.  She aspires to be like the captains she admires like Riker, Rios and Prisana Sawan who were bold captains.  However this puts her in par with Kion with his cautious and contemplative command style.  Off duty she likes to socialize and plays rakcet ball.  Lesahuna is proud of her African and hispanic heritage and loves to read and watch the Earth classics.