Meet Commander Ofillia Debionas, second officer on the Enterprise-F in Star Trek Unity.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Haferinian.  A semi aquatic race that can breathe air for a few hours but live full time under-water.  Her home world Requa is a Class O world with many small islands, largest is the same land area of Greenland.  Most of the seas are shallow compared to Earth, it’s deepest point is only half the depth of Earth’s Mariana Trench.  Some humans compare Requa’s oceans to the ancient Tethys Sea during the Mesozoic era particularly around Europe in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 

Hafeinians are powerful telepaths.  At rest Ofillia has a empathic field that can pick up emotions like a half Betazoid but with effort Ofillia can read minds clearly, reaching for deep memories that very few resistance techniques can block.  At times of stress or threat, Haferinians can trigger a telepathic pulse that forces a victim to experience every negative memories at once.  Reactions can vary based on a individual ranging from disorientation to panic attacks or in rare cases complete metal breakdowns.  By 2660 (just before Next Generation began in the Unity Universe) Requa had technology equivalent 21st century earth until they were visited by a Cardassian allay called the Klaestron visited who helped the Cardassians invade the planet. The Federation repelled the Cardassians before they could do real damage to the planet like they did on Bajor.  Haferinians and Klaestrons have never been friends since for the latter have tired to steal natural resources from Requa even after the planet became a Federation protectorate and a member, poisoning the planet.  

In order to operate in a class out of water Ofillia needs a spacial life-support and Anti-Grav suit. The suit gives her oxygenated water and allows her to “swim” in mid-air but the anit-grav power generators need to be recharged every 6 hours of constant use.  The life support systems have a different power systems that can be recharged but can last for months.  The suit is relatively new, in the past Ofillia needed a hover chair to move around.  Her quarters abroad ship are flooded with an alcove on top for air breathing guests.

Ofillia is one of the first Hafernians to join Starfleet, one of a Dozen to join different departments.  She came from a prominent but dysfunctional family who is one of the leaders of clans, old hereditary leaders of certain oceans until the a democratic world government was created.  She used to serve as a science officer with expertise in Exobiology, Astrophysics and Anthropology.  She had to endure hard adjustments to get used to living in non-aquatic environments but the constant helpful gestures and semi vailed teasing which were worse.  Through her career serving as science officer on 3 different ships, she established a reputation of going beyond the call of duty and a hard worker, not letting her reliance technology hold her back.    

She was assigned to the Bonaventure as deputy chief science officer, but she was promoted to Chief Science officer after her superior was killed in an accident.  She performed her duties well, she showed initiative and was willing to step in when needed.  Ofillia was never afraid to speak her mind.  Her performance made the ship’s captain recommended that she pursue a career in command.  After leaving the Bonaventure, Ofillia took a post graduate command training course at the academies and graduated with honors.  While on the Bonaventure she met Commander Kion M’Ress and the two have become friends.  When Kion was promoted to captain of the Reliant, Ofillia had completed her training and Kion requested her to serve as second officer and science officer.  When the Reliant was captured by the Kenshya, Ofillia was taken for questioning.  She was separated from her life support gear and nearly died.  However she was able to use her telepathy to fight off the Kenshya and with the help of the Enteprise-E’s science officer was able to free the captured starlet officers and free the Reliant.  

After the Kenshya affair, Ofillia was promoted to commander, Kion considered her for first officer but Starfleet recommended Commander for the post, they did though recommend Ofillia serve as the Enterprise’s dedicated 2nd officer.  The practice of having a dedicated 2nd officer, which doesn’t serve as a department head was an increasingly popular practice on larger starships to help with crew performance and evaluation.  Ofillia accepted.  Sometime Ofillia’s duties tended to overlap with Commander Romeru’s, causing some friction between the two.  However Romeru found herself calling on Ofillia to help with inter-crew problems.  Ofillia has served with multi-species crews before, it’s one thing she loves about Starfleet, meeting and working with new cultures.  She rarely served with humans since her time in the academies.  Eventually Ofillia was apportioned as a dedicated officer in charge of inter-crew problems while Romeru felt with performance evaluations.      

Ofillia is very sociable and friendly with an upbeat persona and loves to make fun of herself.  She is a keen diplomat who serves as a peacekeeper.  She is a determined individual who rarely takes any nonsense from anyone.  Sometimes her determination can lead her overestimate her abilities and she can get over her head at times.  She had doubts about being a captain though she is an excellent commander at his own right.  Ofillia still has the mind of a scientist and she frequently leads away teams on scientific missions. 

Ofillia is good friend to Kion and his Pride.  Kion see’s Ofillia as a confidant, for they had shared their problems, Kion’s traumatic past, Ofillia’s trouble with her own family and career.  They can talk easily to one another about their problems.  Ofillia has one daughter, Oranna fathered by artificial insemination at the request of her family.  Ofillia was at first content on letting her daughter being raised by her family but after visiting her home world, she sensed that the family’s continued disfunctionality was negatively affecting Oranna.  Ofillia convinced her family to let her take Oranna on the Enterprise with her.  Though a tough ordeal for the girl, Ofillia is determined as ever to be a wonderful mother and commander, but she has good friends on the ship that support her.