Meet the Chief Engineer of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity, Commander Kershel.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Edosian. Same as Lt. Arax in Star Trek the Animated Series.

Of all the senior staff on the Enterprise-F, Kershel has served Starfleet the longest, since the beginning of the Dominion War.  Her first ship the Achilles-class battlecruiser Xuur. Half way through the war, the Xuur was dispatched to a remote sector in Cardassian Space in response to intelligence reports of unusual energy signatures and Cardassian movement in that sector.  The Xuur discovered a small fleet of Cardassian ships orbiting a recently activated Icodain Gateway.  Realizing the significance of the gateway, the Xuur’s captain decided to engage the fleet and try to gain control of the gate.  During the battle the Xuur was pulled through the gate into the Delta Quadrant to a planet where another active gateway was located.  The Xuur was able to destroy or cripple all the Cardassian ships but the Xuur was badly damaged, suffered heavy casualties, and crash landed on the planet with thousands of Cardassians soldiers waiting for them.  But the Xuur was discovered by away team from the U.S.S. Voyager lead by Chief Navigator/Science officer Bre’onna Gera.  

The Xuur was beyond salvaging and it was revealed that the Cardassians have found way to access the entire Icodian gateway network and were trying to get help from the Alpha Quadrant.  The Xuur’s captain made the decision to self-destruct the ship in an explosion that will take out the gateway in the Delta Quadrant and the remaining Cardassians.  But Kershel and 67 other Xuur crew mates where rescued by Gera and taken to Voyager where she served as an engineer for 2 and half years.  (Consequently, Voyager found another gateway to get home. “Timeless” did not happen in the Unity universe, sorry). 

Since then Kershel has had a log and illustrious career serving a wide roles including Operation Integration: a mission to incorporate new technology from USS Voyager’s Delta expedition to all of Starfleet.  Engineering positions on a wide range of ships, including Chief Engineer on 5 ships. One in particular was Sentinel under Captain Harry Kim, where Kion M’Ress was serving as second officer and Tactical officer during the Tzenkethi Humanitarian mission.  She worked for the S.C.E a few times, including being part of the team that survived the Klingon attack and blockade of Khitomer.  Kershel was recruited by Kion to help repair the Reliant’s Slipstream drive to get the ship back to Earth to stop the Klingon invasion orchestrated by the Kenshya.  She turned down a promotion to Captain of a SCE vessel to serve as Chief Engineer on the Enterprise-F

Kershel has a “seen it all” attitude and can be a little cranky.  She is a meticulous engineer with no patience for bad engineering jobs committed by her subordinates or superiors. Normally she treats her crew fairly and mentors younger engineers but she is very strict about good performance. Kershel is a brilliant engineer who is not afraid to get her hands dirty.  Otherwise Kershel likes to unwind with fiends off-duty with her favorite cup of tea.  She can get preoccupied with an problem to a point where she ignores everything else. Kershel is married to Nasheen, another female Edosian who serves of chief med tech on the Enterprise.  Nasheen a daughter who is now living on Edo attending college.