Meet Dr. Iasami Iao Clein, Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity. Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Areona.

A carnivorous spider-like species, who made first contact with the Federation by the Enterprise-C. Areona have a caste system based on what kind of mental capabilities are genetically programed into hatchlings.  Leaders, warriors, builders (sometimes referred to as laborers) and multi-purpose caste.  Individuals are educated in the multi-purpose caste having more freedom to pursue their individual desires. Iasami if from a multi-purpose caste, who’s genetic metal programming can range from science, engineering to the arts.  This caste is held in higher esteem from the other castes, even the leaders, for they had created leaps and bounds of technology that advances their civilization as a whole. Normally civilizations that have social caste systems with no mobility between them would not be admitted to the Federation but an exception was made for the Areona and similar species where social castes are part of their genetic makeup.  Arena don’t have a family system of parents raising children.  Hatchlings are raised in nurseries by teachers based on their castes.  

Iasami grew up wanting to study alien life.  During her training in biology she took medicine training which was a part of the biology program.  It was here she discovered a talent for healing and a desire to help others.  She decided to achieve all her desires by working for the Federation.  At first she spent three years of medical training at Babel where one of the finest Xeno-medicine research facilities in the Federation is located.  Here that she heard of Starfleet’s need for more doctors trained in multi-species medicine due to the increasingly diverse crews on Starships.  Iasami answered the call and completed her training at Starfleet Medical Academy.  She had deal with humans and other species reaction to her appearance and her eating habits of eating raw meet.  She also met with some dubious reactions on her species social structure, other species viewing it as backward.  Despite there prejudges Iasami became a top rated doctor and earned a degree in xenobiology.  

Iasami has served in Starfleet for sometime and has served with Kion M’Ress before.  They met on Starbase 185 where she was one of the Doctors assigned to the station’s hospital.  Later she served two tours of duty as Chief Medical Officer, one on a station then on a starship.  Kion asked for her to be Chief Chief Medical Officer on the Reliant, and later Enterprise.

Some are alarmed by Iasami’s appearance and eating habits but she is a doctor anyone would want.  She is very gentle, upbeat, gregarious who loves to socialize.  She never imposes her will on her patients and is deeply concerned of their desires. She speaks Federation standard via a translator badge for her regular speech is a series of chittering noises that can’t form humanoid speech.  One of her interests is ancient medical technology and has a collection of old tools such as scalpels, syringes and odd medical blades.