Meet Lt. Comm. Siax Berron Ke’Nav,  Chief Science Officer of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity. Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Jassovarian. They are dual-sexed people from a high gravity super-earth planet. Other species use special pronouns to accommodate their dual sex status.  The same used by other dual sex races like Hermats (Look at Peter David’s Star Trek New Frontier novels).  Jassovarians are related to coral and anemones but they move on land the same way snakes move.  They have 360 degree vision with 5 eyes all around their head and their eyes can operate independently like a chameleon. Jassovarians breath Nitrogen but oxygen is poisonous to them and they need a breather filter in class M environments fitted with a translator.  They communicate via burbling noises and color changes which show emotions. Plus they need and a gravity belt to simulate the 2G of their home world, otherwise their bodies will get week in 1G gravity and later become a useless jelly.  As a result they need special quarters on ship with airlocks and an alcove for class M guests.

Jassovarians are normally gregarious species who love to live in large groups in small spaces and love physical contact in a non sexual manner.  but some individuals like Siax have a neural condition called Te’pekki syndrome. Symptoms include which makes them prefer solitude and tend hate being touched, but are blessed with great intelligence above the norm.  In some cases beings with Te’pekki develop antisocial behavior, criminal Some of the best minds in the Jassovarian culture had Te’pekki including the one who developed FTL travel.  Normal Jassovarins would balk in living in a solitary environment such as being in special quarters on starships but Siax prefers to be alone.  It’s one of the reasons why he joined Starfleet to in first place.  Jassovarians have been federation since first contact was made by James Kirk on the Enterprise-A but very few have served in Starfleet.  They have their own fleet of starships primarily used for scientific research and commerce.   

S/he has served in Starfleet for some time.  Serving mainly on large ships with commendations for exotic life-forms and once on a space station.  S/he gained a reputation for being one of the best science officers in the fleet. However he was slow to rise through the ranks due to lack of real initiative.  Siax can lead fellow scientists on mission but feels uncomfortable in a hierarchy of command.  Siax sees a command structure as a impediments of openly sharing scientific knowledge.  Was assigned to the Enterprise E due to merits at the same time as Lt.Comm Romeru.  S/he was kidnapped by the Kenshya for study along with the ship’s few other “exotic species” and was stripped of his gravity belt.  However with the help with Ofillia Debionas of the Reliant he helped free his crew mates and the crew of the Reliant. S/He joined the Reliant on it’s mission to save Earth.  Hish accomplishments earned hir a place on the Enterprise-F.

Siax is a brilliant scientist with expertise in Space Sciences, astrophysics and quantum theory.  He does have a gregarious nature. He likes to work with other scientists often has his own staff work together in research.  S/he heads the “Blue Table” in the mess hall where the science staff or anyone comes to eat and talk about their research. Otherwise s/he spends hish spare time in hish special quarters which have been modified to serve as a private science lab.  S/he does not like close contact or being touched by strangers. S/he prefers to avoid the turbo lifts and uses the spiral ramps to travel between decks.