Meet Counselor Dakara, chief Counselor and Diplomatic officer on the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity. Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Esumansia.  A carnivorous reptile species with feathered wings that allows them to fly.  They have high metabolism thanks to an air sack breathing system, the same used by Terran birds and possibly dinosaurs.  

Esumansians by the beginning of the Dominion War technology-wise they were at Earth circa the 22nd and 23rd century and formed a peaceful world government.  But their peaceful existence came to an end when the Tzenkethi Coalition came and invaded the planet.  In turns out their homeworld of Draya is located in a remote part of space between Tzenkethi and Cardassian space far from Federation.  The Coalition took advantage of the Federation being occupied with the Dominion to take Draya and set up an observation post to spy on the Cardassians and monitor Dominion movements.  The Tzenkethi eliminated the Drayan government and set up a prefect to rule the planet.  After year where the populace of Draya were subject to DNA analysis, the Tzenkethi began to separate families and started forced breeding in order to create offspring that will have optimal genetic traits akin to what the Tenkethi have been doing their own race.  This was sacrilege to the Esumansians who fought back with grave consequences.   Dakara was forced to flee her home world when she was little but her mother and little sister were left behind. Her father was badly hurt while they escaped and lost his left wing.  Her refugee ship plotted through space for over half a year until it was discovered by a Starfleet Luna class explorer doing reconnaissance in the Cardassian/Tzenkethi boarder. The ship escorted Dakara’s ship to a colony world of Draylon II where one mountainous continent is very similar to Draya.  

Dakara was very impressed by the Starfleet officers especially the counselors who helped her and the rest of the refugees with their emotional wounds and decided to become one herself.  Still she worries about her mother sister, they were very close and leaving them behind was deeply traumatic for Dakara. Dakara has met Neo-Kethi, Tzenkethi who oppose the oppressive coalition, before during her intern in Starfleet, and is aware of their plight but is very uncomfortable around Tzenkethi. 

Dakara is an expert in deep trauma and has medical training equivalent of a nurse practitioner.  She served on the Reliant with Captain M’Ress, her exercise in trauma was the main reason she was assigned to the Reliant in the first place and the two work well together.  She speaks in a southern belle accent.  She is very cheerful, playful loves to play jokes, and can be the ship’s cheerleader.  She can be a fierce fighter if needs to be but is normally peaceful who avoids fighting when possible.  She is quick to identify and defuse a conflict in diplomatic situations.  She has a relaxed counseling style who allows the patient to find their own way to recovery. Her medical training also makes her an expert on mental conditions caused by neural defects or injuries.  She and Dr. Iasami have become fast friends working together to care for the crews of Reliant and Enterprise and eating at the carnivore’s table in the mess hall.