Meet Lt.Comm Zha’dee Yarrick of Clan Thelen, Cheif of Security of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Species: Tarsian, a species mentioned but never seen in the TNG episode “The Hunted”.  A herbivore, bovine species with a warrior culture but without a strict code of honor and desire to conquer like Klingons.  They do have a strong code of chivalry that commands that solder need to protect others at all costs.  They fight to protect their race and their family clans who once fought each other, but as technology advanced the clans became united into one planetary government.  However they did not create warp drive on their own.

The united Tarsians had a peaceful existence with warrior training used as sport but first contact with a humanoid race called Angosians ended that peace.  The Anogosians in fact were the unintentional aggressors.  The first Anogosians to arrive in the Tarisa Prime were explorers, who found the Tarsians to be primitive and insulted them and later committed an act which to the Anogosians seemed innocent but to the Tarsians was a crime and they imprisoned the explorers.  The Anogosians sent an exhibition to find the lost explorers and they were captured, another search team came, and so on and so forth until the Anogosians sent in a military team to free their prisoners and leading to the first battle of First Anogosians and Tarsians.  The Anogoisans suffered heavy casualties for every force they sent was annihilated by Tarisian warriors.  Eventually Anogoisans created genetically altered soldiers with enhanced strengths an intelligence to match the Tarsian warriors causing conserderble collateral damage.  The Tarsians eventually turned the tide by launching impulse powered warships with heavy weaponry  suffiecnt enough to destroy an Anogoisan ships before they deposited their soldiers.  The Anogoisans had spent much resources and men on the conflict they decided to call an armastence and then a ceasefire thus ending the war, leaving the Tarisans bitter and paranoid about more attacks.   

Zha’Dee was born during the first war, before “The Hunted”.  She remembered the attacks that destroyed her hometown and the battles that cost her father.  She vowed to defend her people if they were attacked again. That attack came 6 years after “The Hunted” where rouge genetically engineered Angosian Soldiers escaped from captivity and launched an attack on Tarisa using stealth evade the Tarisan ships.  The augmented soldiers wanted to obtain their freedom.  They had trouble adjusting to normal and were locked up.  Some tried to gain their freedom by attacking their government others felt that destroying the Tarsian race and occupying the planet would give them a home they can have for their own.  The augmented soldiers had sympathetic hawks in the Anogoisan movement who also wanted to finish what was started on Tarsia.  So, with subterfuge, the Hawks were able to commit resources to the new war and, despite protests, provided more augmented soldiers.    

This second war lasted 14 years. 4 years into the conflict Zha’Dee was old enough to enlist to the military and enlisted.  The first part of the war the Tarsians held their ground while Anogosian ships kept evading the Tarisan Space fleet even though the Tarsians kept making more ships and made a shipyard away from the main battle in the nearest planet in their system. Zha’Dee fight many defensive battles all over her home planet in a frustrating game of wack a mole.  She rose through the ranks quickly and became a respected solider rising to the rank of Sr. Pack Leader.  Then the Tarisians faintly broke the faster than light barrier by reverse engineering captured Anogoisan ships.  They were able to go on the attack and launched numerous assaults on Anogosia.  Zha’Dee took part in the invasion of Angosia which ended the war and later was assigned to the occupational force of the planet.  The Tarsian invasion was easy and only lasted for a month.  Zha’Dee was surprised at how the Anogosians were poor warriors.  The Tarsians never knew that the Anogosians were more of a intellectual species and not warriors, nor were the soldiers they used genetically altered soldiers. 

Before the Anogosians surrendered they asked the Federation to mediate the surrender and for Humanitarian aid.  After the events of “The Hunted” Starfleet did snd the Enterprise-D to make contact with the Tarisans but they were put off by Picard and his mostly humanoid crew and fired on the ship demanding it to leave. Anogoisa was also denied an application due to the use genetically altered soldiers and lefts the two planets on their own.  After the second war, the Federation decided to provide humanitarian aid to both planets.  At first Zha’Dee had very negative feelings towards the Federation who saw humans as Angosian lacks so she was deeply surprised when the Starfleet personnel that arrived were not human (a deliberate choice by the Federation).  This time though the Enterprise-E was under the command of the first non-human to command a ship named Enterprise, Captain Charzhira sh’Ran of Andor. The Tarisians were surprised by the gesture and accepted the Federation aid and became a protectorate.  All of the subsequent Starfleet personnel where non-human and mostly non humanoid.  Zha’Dee was deeply impressed on the work the Starfleet personnel did to both worlds, she eventually decided to join Starfleet after industry most of the environmental problems of Tarsia have been repaired.      

Zha’Dee has served in a verity a roles in Starfleet including 6 years in Halspont station during the Neo-Kethi settlement of their colonies.  She was assigned to the as Chief of Security Enterprise-E during the Kenshya crisis and helped the crew of the Reliant save Earth. 

Zha’Dee is tough at work, a fierce warrior and ever cautious. She sees defending others as her top priority and trains her security force hard based on her military training.  Some would say she would be at home in the MACOs  Off-Duty she is laid back and very curious about the different species around her, though she tends to look down on species who need technology to function in a class M environment.  Off duty or not she is quick comment good warrior skills and courage.  She often spars with her crew mates and Captain M’Ress.  Zha’Dee also has a mate and two adolescent kids back at home.