Meet Lt. Comm. Veroni K’Rona. Chief Operations Officer of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity. Star Trek was Created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount and CBS, no copyright infringement intended. 

Species: Caitian. Veroni is used to a life in space unlike most Caitians.  She came from a space faring, nomadic family who lived in various colony ships traveling from colony to colony.  Veroni came from a  group were practiced life styles which conflicted Caitian social norms such as shunning medical science and making Males in charge.  Some humans would compare them to Mormon groups who practiced polygamy and women were sub-servant to men, both aspects are sacrilege to mainstream Caitians.  The group came to the public domain on Cait during the time when males were starting to gain rights and privileges in society (such as women did during the suffrage movement).  Conservative movements on Cait would claim that the movement is a side-effect of giving males freedom, but historians claim that the movement is much older, dating back thousands years ago during Cait’s first renaissance.  

During the last few centuries the group as searched the stars for a new home.  Veroni was born on Cait but was an infant when her family boarded their first ship and tried to settle down on an independent colony near the Cardassian boarder.  Unfortunately, in order to avoid the prolmes with the old Cardassian DMZ issues, the Federation passed a law stating that all colonists around the Cardassian border must sign contracts stating that they are willing to evacuate at a moments notice and accept direct Federation oversight, the boarder colonies can’t be independent.  As a result many of the original settlers of the DMZ never returned after he Dominon War an many non-human colonists from worlds close to the boarder and were willing to leave if their governments asked them. Veroni’s family found a world in the DMZ they thought they wold be free to live their lives but found themselves under scrutiny from a number of races that saw their life style as taboo. So after 3 years the family and rest of the group left, eventually buying a new, larger ship designed for long term exploration and colonization.  

Compared to her 3 sisters and 7 half-sisters, Veroni was very astute and technologically inclined.  By the time she was 12, she knew most of systems of her ship and dreamed of becoming the ships chief engineer.  She also became a self-taught computer wiz able to access the Federation Info-net to access the latest entertainment, music and news that was not welcome on the ship.  But she was expected by her father and her grandfather to be paired with a male, rase cubs and do domestic chores.  As a result Veroni clashed with her father and other males of the group.  Some of the male teens would be pretty violent with her trying to break her independent streak.  Plus by this time her mother had not produced an male which caused more tension.  Then during a rough pregnancy and birth of a male left her weakened and unable to protect Veroni.  Realizing that this Verona’s mother contacted a Starfleet vessel and asked hem to take Veroni to Cait.  The Exchange happened when the colony vessel was docked at a colony base to receive supplies.  Veroni has not seen her family since, last intel says that the colony ship was venturing out to unknown space.  

Veroni was placed on Cait with a loving foster family and received support from a group who specialized with young beings from abusive families.  She had some difficulties adjusting to life on a planet. Determined to make a life for herself she decided to join Starfleet to return to a life in space.  

Her gift with tech and computers earned a certification in Operations.  While she was on Earth in a Academy she met a young diplomat aide finishing up her training, Tri’oniya S’Kia.  They became lovers wich was a first for Veroni who had eschewed a love life because of bad memories with her family but Tri’oniya opened Veroni up.  They kept a correspondence even after Veroni graduated and was assigned to various assignments.  Later Tri’oniya introduced her to Kion M’Ress during a break on Starbase 74 when they were both assigned to the Cerritos.  Veroni was at first had no interest in men, again due to her past but was quickly attracted to Kion’s controlled yet laid back demeanor and vast intelligence. 

Veroni spent most of her time on Space Stations but was briefly assigned to the Sentinel as a relief Ops officer.  She later joined Tri’onya and Kion and the rest of their new pride on the Bonaventure as deputy chief of Ops.  With some convincing Veroni became member of the Pride and later had a daughter with him just after Kion was made Captain.  She was assigned to Starbase 238 near the Fernegi boarder working with Starfleet Intelligence on Ferengi movements and was a big help in having Kion avert a Ferengi takeover of many innocent planets.  She was temporarily assigned to the Reliant during the Kenshya affair and was able to gather intel on the Kenshya and Klingon plans for invasion.  She was promoted to Lt. Commander after this event and agreed to join the Enterprise as Chef of Ops.  One thing about Veroni that is not known for the rest crew, even is her pride is that she has worked for Starfleet Intelligence many times in her career as a information gatherer.  Her mission on Starbase 238 was the only time she worked with SI public, she actually worked them clandestinely since she graduated the academy.   

Veroni is a computer and tech whizz who often assists the engineers in running the ship and is good at parsing through information looking for pieces of intel and malware.  She used to be a solitary person but is befriending many members of the Enterprise crew. She is the one with up to date information on the latest tech, Federation News, Crew information and Starship gossip.