Meet Lt. Sera’tashi Xosha, Chief Tactical Officer of the Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount and CBS. No copyright infringement intended.

Position: Chief Tactical Officer (aka Weapons Officer, on starships with crews larger than 400 it is required for a separate Chief of Security and Tactical officer but officers in both fields are required to cross train to serve both fields). 

Species: Tzenkethi a species mentioned but never seen in the canon series in the Deep Space Nine episode “The Adversary”.  It is mentioned that the Federation and Captain Sisco fought them in several wars. I am basing my ideas of the species on the works of David R. George III.  They are humanoids with flexible bodies for they don’t have bones except for a backbone the rest are fluid filled sacs cable of expanding or contracting.  When they sit they wrap their legs around their torso. Their skin that can glow in the dark and give an electrical charge from a gentle tingle to a painful jolt.    

Tzenkethi lived in a society where one’s role is determined by their genetic makeup.  The idea of freedom and self-determination is associated with madness in historical times when multiple social equities brought chaos.  Chaos made worse when the Tzenkethi were invaded by an unknown race which nearly enslaved them.  As a result they formed a Coalition determined to bring order to all species.  They also taken this step further by selectively breeding groups with specific traits, leaders, soldiers, scientists, basic laborers.  This involves individuals being forced to mate with partners approved by the state and the Tzenkethi has forced this on other species the Tzenkethi had occupied.  However this selective breeding has lead to cases of inbreeding especially in the leadership classes.  Akin to the crown heads of Europe in the 18th to 20th centuries. Plus the concept of selective breeding is reality new in Tzenkenthi history and has becoming less and popular with the populace.  Ever since first contact with the Federation in the early 27th century a resistance group called The Neo-Kethi movement was formed.  Mostly consisting with Tzenkethi born out of government regulation, and species occupied by the Coalition, their goal is to restore the Tzenkethi people to their original state, with self-determining individuals free to choose mates with anyone.  The other goal of the group its to free the races the Coalition has enslaved. 

Sera, the first Tzenkethi to join Starfleet, was a part of the Neo-Kethi movement, from a very young age.  Her mother Ree’kanna was a high ranking government agent who was forced to go underground.  She had already bared two sons from her government approved mate who happened to be a 3rd cousin.  Both boys had mental defects due to this and were considered to be a Grade 0 in the Tzenkethi Coalition genetic grade stock making them unfit to contribute to Tzentkeith society.  Ree’Kanna’s had Sera with a lower caste male in order to show her Coalition approved mate she can bare healthy children.  In fact, Sera’s initial genetic tests showed she genetic makeup of a Grade 9, the second highest rank in Coalition society.  Ree’kanna knew that Sera’s real parentage will be exposed and since birth of her sons had been contacting the resistance to help care for her children and after Sera’s birth decided to join their cause.  From being an infant Sera was raised in safe houses and hidden bases throughout Coalition space.  Her mother became a leading figure in the resistance using her knowledge of upper echelons of the Collation to gain ships and destroying key targets.    

Sera began to has serve in the resistance when she was a teen.  By this time she and her mother were living on starships as mobile bases. Sera served as a technician, medic, gunner and later senior weapons officer on the resistance flagship a post she held for 4 years.  During that time the Resistance destroyed many of the Coalition outposts near the Federation Boarder. After years of strife the Neo-Kenthi movement was allowed to settle on a few planets in Federation space near the boarder along with other refugees from the Coalition worlds.  

Sera met several Starfleet officers including Kion M’Ress who were providing humanitarian aid and defense to the new colonies.  She was touched by their courage and notion of multiple species working with one another such it was in the Resistance. Eager for the two organizations to work together smoothly, the Neo-Kethi movement proposed a officer exchange program to which Starfleet agreed.  Sera was recruited with several other resistance soldiers to serve on Starfleet vessels.  Sera was recruited on the Bonaventure where Kion was first officer.  Under the program, Sera served on the Bonaventure for 2 years preforming extremely well.  The leaders of the Neo-Kethi group had begun negotiations in regarding Federation membership. Thinking that she would do well in Starfleet and wanting to set an example for the rest of her people.  Sera also decided to join Starfleet to repay the help Starfleet gave to her people and expose herself to new cultures.  

Sera has not been in Starfleet long but she’s had a rough career.  At the academy and in two previous ships she experienced discrimination from human and core world crews who still think of the Tzenkethi as an enemy.  She graduated from the academy with honors double majoring in Tactics and Engineering plus earning a certificate as a nurse.  But her talents were went unnoticed in first assignment on the Sovereign Class Independence  or the Ronin-class frigate Tanto. The later was destroyed in a Breen attack and Sera was promoted to Lt.J.G after saving the captain and some bridge crew.  Kion M’Ress brought Sera to the Reliant where she served with distinction especially during the Kenshya affair.  

Sera was captured by the Kenshya but was able to use her flexible physiology to escape. The Reliant’s chief tactical officer was killed while escaping the Kenshya home planet.  Sera took over tactical and fought in the invasion of Earth.  She was promoted to Lt.S.G and Kion requested Sera to serve as Chief Tactical Officer noting her performance on the Bonaventure and the Resistance Command ship which is a similar size of the Odyssey-class Enterprise.  Some in Starfleet don’t want Sera to serve as Chief Tactical officer on the flagship of Starfleet due to tensions with the Tzenkehti people but many others in Starfleet command support Sera’s posting.

Because of her experience with humans Sera is not much a socializer.  She is quiet and reserved.  Though a few officers are trying to have her open up.  Secretly, she misses the many friends she had while serving in the resistance.  Despite her remoteness she is quite inquisitive of other races and likes to sit in the ships public areas and observe social behavior.  She regards Kion M’Ress as a mentor and often asks Commander Romeru about Earth and Federation history.  She is a calculating individual who prefers thought over action. Sera has cross-trained in security, engineering and is a trained field medic.  Her other talents include music.  She loves playing the guitar off duty, an instrument she learned to play all by herself.