Meet Lt. Derian, Chief Navigator of the starship Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity.  Start Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and owned Paramount and CBS, no copyright infringement intended.  

Species: Vulcan.  Derian has been Starfleet almost as long Kion has, but was very slow to rise through the ranks.  As a navigator he is top notch.  Plus he is a math magician with expertise in astrophysics, but is from conservative Vulcan stock.  Derian is from a family of high standing from Vulcan, his Father is a highly respective judge, his older brother is a up and coming defense lawyer and his mother is a professor of history.  Derian himself gained some acloation before he joined Starfleet, he completed the Kolinahr ritual to purge all emotions at an unusually young age. 

Derian’s long career began well enough on the T’Kumbra, a ship with an all Vulcan crew where he got good reviews.  The highpoint in Derian’s record was Starfleet’s first foray to re-explore the Delta Quadrant as a part of Operation Full Circle lead by the Admiral Janeway on the Voyager-A.  Derian was assigned to the Vesta-Class Esquiline where Commander Tuvok was serving as first officer. The two think very well of each other.  After Full Circle was concluded Tuvok was promoted to captain and requested Derian as his Chief Navigator.  

After those high points, Derian’s career seemed to stagnate. He served on a series of vessels on the recommendation of being the best navigator but kept having problems dealing with species who were highly emotional, particularly with Orions, Barkains and some humans.  He clashed in particular with races who have some suspicions of Vulcans.  Some races view Vulcans as emotionally handicapped unable to understand emotions or see lack of emotionalism as metal illness, extreme stress, trauma or a prelude to unhealthy sometimes violent outbursts.  Derian would be often transferred off to a new ship after his CO would find him too much trouble for the crew.  Derain faced the possibility that he would have to be confined to starships with mostly Vulcan crews, an increasingly rare prospect in Starfleet.  

Then he was assigned to the Enterprise-E, where he got along well with Captain Derren, one of the few officers who did. Derian was promoted to Lt.Comm. and made second officer.  Doing the Kenshya affair the Enterprise was captured after fallowing a suspicious ship that had connections to an assassination of delegates on Khitomer.  The Kenshya trapped the ship in an Icodian Gateway.  Derain was held captive in an isolated cell with his fellow crew members with no way of determining what their captures were or what they wanted.  Then it appeared that Captain Derren was able to free himself and most of his crew.  Derian was able to access the gateways controls and achieve Captain Derren’s orders to get the Enterprise back to Earth and being able to set the gateway to self-destruct.  This action left the Reliant and the rest of the Enterprise crew behind.  Upon arriving on Earth Captain Derren reported that the ambassadors at Khitmoer were killed by the Gorn who were recently conquered by the Klingons.  Furthermore Derren reported that Kion and the Reliant had caused a diplomatic incident by firing on Klingon ships and should be considered a rogue ship.  

Derian supported Derren’s clams for he found no flaw in his logic.  Derian thought that Kion M’Ress being emotionally traumatized by the Kilingons by the murder of his mother years ago and he would not hesitate to fire out of revenge.  Derain was being considered to be the Enterprise’s new first officer when the Klingons attacked Earth using another gateway and the Enterprise was severely damaged and ultimate destroyed.  Derain, Derren and a few survivors were saved ironically the Reliant.  It turned out that Derren was tortured and brainwashed by Kenshya to spread false data and to lower Starfleet’s guard.  For his role in spreading false data, Derain was demoted back to Lieutenant.   

Derian was supposed to be transferred to a ship with a mostly Vulcan crew but he was transferred to the Enterprise-F at the last minute.  Officially he was assigned to the ship due to his Navigational skills but unknown to the rest of the crew he is spying for the Head of Starfleet Operations Admiral Derrick Erickson who deeply disapproves of Kion M’Ress being captain of the Enterprise.  

Derian is very logical and comes across scornful of emotion and promotes logical thinking as superior above all.  He is a loner and reveals little to the rest of crew and prefers to keep it that way.  He can get “a little” agitated by lack of discipline and protocol on duty and by piratical jokes.  He quick to criticize and point out weakness based off emotion.  However he is math genius who appears to enjoy a complicated mathematical problem.  His navigational skills are augmented with a degree in astrophysics and a keen sense of direction. He often assists the science personnel with astro-metric, stellar cartography and other math related problems.  Derian will fallow orders without quorum though his will state the illogic of the order.  He does have some odd characteristics for a Vulcan: he seems “flirt” to any Vulcan woman on the ship and has engaged in a number of relationships with multiple women even though he is (also unknown to the crew) is married to a wife betrothed to him when he was eight.