Meet Lt. Xaphina D’Jai, Chief Helmsman of the starship Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity.  Start Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and owned Paramount and CBS, no copyright infringement intended.

Species: Orion.  For many years Orions had served in Starfleet to gain respect.  The Enterprise-B under Captain Demora Sulu had an Orion Chief of Security and later second officer.  Xaphina joined the service to gain respect as well, and to escape the negative stereotypes of Orions.  Slave traffickers and sex obsessed women who work for the criminal empire Orion Syndicate who would stab someone in the back if the price was good.  These stereotypes emerged during their first contact with humans and another race the Orions have abused, the Furgansons, an amaninoid race which humans would describe as anthromorphic squirrels, skunks, raccoons and ferrets.  They were pre-FTL race until the Orion Syndicate came, at first peacefully but then they started kidnapping citizens and used them as slaves for various means including using their skins as fur coats.  But the Furagansons fought back ultimalty chased off the Orions.  They had managed to reverse engineer Orion ships and by the time Jonathan Archer took command of the Enterprise NX-01 the Furgansons had built a large fleet of powerful warships.  They decided to bring order to what they thought was a lawless universe.   They began to explore space hunting down and attacking alien ships they claimed were violating their laws.  Archer made first contact after an Fruganson intercepter attacked the Earth freighter Horizon.  

By that time Synidcate operative disguised as diplomates have already made leeways to Earth.  But on March 2353, a Furganson armada arrived on Earth when a Orion “Merchant Fleet” was also visiting to establish “trade relations” and launched and surprise attack.  The ensuing space battle devastated several parts of Earth with 7 Million dead and 750 missing.  The Enterprise and later the Daedalus went into Furganson space originally to scout the Furganson fleet but Archer discovered how diabolical the Orion Syndicate was and its plans to enslave Earth.  He sided with the Furgansons and was able to topple the Syndicate’s leader off the Orion’s top government post and force the Syndicate underground.  Archer also prevented the Furgansons prosecute and suppress the entire Orion race and gave protections to the members of the Orion race who wanted to live free from Syndicate such as residences of the jungle planet Fylessa, Xaphina’s home planet.  (The Xindi in the Unity universe are extinct, mostly, the expanse was not explored until Captain April of the Enterprise 1701.)

Xaphina has not been in Starfleet long but had served on many ships, but she served on each ship for a brief time due to conflicts with various crew mates.  On her first ship, she claimed her young male human captain made romantic moves on her and she left another ship when a Vulcan executive officer made a rather unfeeling comment about her species.  She became to be perceived as something of a trouble maker who would question her superior’s questions frequently.  

That behavior might be explained by an incident in her time in the academy.  In her final year she and other cadets were on a training cruise towards the old Romulan Neutral zone, the crew included regular officers, forth year cadets and members of the elite cadet group Red Squad. The ship was attacked by what looked like a Romulan Empire vessel even though the empire was defunct.  The worlds near the Federation were now ruled by a New Romulan Republic founded by accolades of Ambassador Spock.  The regular officers were disabled and the Red Squad cadets took command.  The Red Squad commander took the ship deeper into Romulan space to the base were the attacking ship came from thinking there might be a bigger threat to the Romulan Republic and the Federation.  The base was found, owed by another sliver of former Romulan Empire calling themselves the Romulan Imperial State.  The cadets would have perished if Xaphina disobeyed the Cadet captain’s orders and managed to save the ship and rendezvous with the U.S.S. Verity under Commodore Musiker.  Xaphina received a high commendation for character, but it left her with a questioning streak that would rub superior officers the wrong way.  Kion M’Ress on the other hand appreciated Xaphina’s questions.   

When she was assigned to the Reliant, Kion M’Ress mentored her about being a better officer.  Xaphina became top notch pilot even though she still doesn’t behave like a “proper” officer on duty.  Her piloting skills saved the crew of the Reliant during it’s escape from the Kenshya and the Klingons sent to find a rouge federation starship (secretly tipped off by the Kenshya).  She was promoted to Lt. SG and Kion asked for her to be Chief Helmsman on the Enterprise-F.     

Xaphina is an energetic thrill seeker who expresses her emotions freely. Her piloting skills are unmatched and she loves daring doo.  The riskier the piloting job, the happier she is, but she would never put others at risk.  Xaphina has a nonchalant approach to duty.  She jokes, calls people by name instead of rank, even superiors, plain & blunt specking, sarcastic, and pushes the boundaries of rules of decorum to the limits.  Off-duty Xaphina is a party animal.  She knows the best holodeck programs, arranges the best parties and can find the best places for shore leave.  Xaphina herself is a beautiful singer and dancer.  She makes friends easily no matter what race or rank and loves kids.  Xaphina’s cheery exterior hides a sad past.  She is the daughter of a single mother who was assaulted and later committed suicide.  Her was father was killed the Romulan Zhat Vash attack on the 40 Eradoni ship yards, destroying the Romulan rescue fleet.  Xaphina never knew her father, she learned about him when she was a teenager.        

Xaphina is very much aware of the popular stereotypes of Orion woman, so  she is determined to show the universe the real Orion people.  Fun loving, open minded people with no restrictions on love who have loving families with females in charge.  She’s no pushover either, she is tough acrobatic fighter who has mastered several Orion martial arts.