Meet Ambassador Tri’oniya “Triya” S’Kia, Chef Diplomatic Corps Liason Officer of the starship Enterprise-F on Star Trek Unity.  Start Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and owned Paramount and CBS, no copyright infringement intended.

Caitian, Starfleet Ambassador and Chief Liaison to the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  

Tri’oniya, or Triya, is assigned to the Enterprise the represent the Federation council at a civilian level and negotiate treaties with Starfleet personnel and evaluate newly contacted species for followup.  The decision to have diplomats on Starships came about to ease the tension between Starfleet and the Diplomatic Corps.  Where Starfleet sees the corps as a group of desk bound know-it-alls who interfere at the wrong time and don’t know the unknowns of the frontier.  On the other hand the Corps view Starfleet as trouble making cowboys.  This is best exemplified in the Eminiar 7 incident with Captain Kirk and Commissioner Robert Fox.  The idea of having ambassadors onboard ships would that it would solve two problems. Another for ambassadors on ships reason was to accusations that Starfleet was not representing the citizens of Federation properly and causing trouble such as contact with hostile races such as the Borg and the Dominion.  The Ambassadors would able to represent the Federation with new species along with Starfleet officers while at the same time gain experience on dealing with the unknown, plus friction between both group members would ease.  This idea has been on the table since the time of Kirk but it was not put into practice after the Dominion War when the Enterprise-E under Captain Picard was sent tot he Gamma Quadrant to establish diplomatic ties with the Dominion and explore the fringes of Dominion Space looking for possibly more hostile races.        

Triya joined the Corps to give Cait and the people of the Federation a loader voice.  She knows what it’s like to be victim of other people’s mistakes.  As a child she lost her home in the Dominion War victory celebration that went horribly wrong, when the saucer section of the Enterprise-D crashed through the major city of Ve’nrera and plowed through the suburbs.  Triya and her Mother survived but Triya lost a pride aunt and several school friends in the disaster.  Her surviving family members were homeless for the rest of the war.  Triya’s mother was a local politician who focused on Caitain internal affairs but Triya realized that Cait could be a victim of forces beyond its system and she would help Cait better if she got involved with the Federation.  Because of the Enterprise crash she decided not to enlist in Starfleet seeing the beings in charge as narrow minded trouble makers. Triya instead decided to serve the Diplomatic Corps for she saw them as the glue that kept the Federation together.  She trained to be a wandering diplomat for Triya had a wanderlust to see different races.  

Triya began her career as minor diplomat solving internal problems in the Federation.  She met a Starfleet cadet on Earth called Veroni K’Rona and they became lovers but Triya was reluctant to work with Starfleet officers at first and saw them as chauffeurs escorting her to one conference to the next.  Then, after a terrorist group sabotaged a conference with two non-aligned worlds, Triya found herself assigned to the U.S.S. Cerritos as a Jr. wondering diplomat.  It was here she met Kion M’Ress and the rest of the “lower deckers”.  She saw a part of Starfleet she never saw before, hard working beings who shared many of the desires as the diplomatic corps, and after a hard mission the best thing to do is to kick back and have fun.  Triya also helped Kion feel better about being a Caitian.  Thanks to the stereotypes of Caitian males, Kion felt he had to hold his emotions back almost to a point of not showing his emotions at all, like a Vulcan, but his recent demotion and assignment to the Cerritos resulted in a temporary estrangement from his living family.  All these factors had made Kion angry and bitter and it was increasingly hard for him to express himself healthily.  Triya and the rest of the lower deckers helped Kion get over his feelings and reveal his gregarious, fun loving side.  At the same Triya began to feel attracted to Kion with his good looks and wide intelligence.  

Triya’s big break came when the Cerritos was assigned to outer edges of Federation space and was captured by an fledgling Imperial Race that was enslaving pre-warp races and they had captured the crashed Starfleet vessel Sunderland.  Triya, the lower deckers, and Kion were able to free the Cerritos, and fight off the Imperialists long enough for the Enterprise-E to arrive.  Then an away team from both ships beamed down to help the Sunderland crew, only to find themselves in a middle of a bloody battle between the imperialists and a pre-warp race.  Triya and Kion helped negotiated a “cease-fire” and later convinced the imperialists to leave, and have them sign a non-aggression pact with the Federation. 

Triya continued to be a wandering diplomat in the frontier regions afterwards. She joined Kion on a few missions on the Courageous, and participated on diplomatic missions on other ships.  She was part of the diplomatic team in the Tzenkethi Humanitarian front, and later became the one of the Diplomatic Corps members assigned on the Bonaventure.  It was here she and Kion became pride mates with several females Kion met on the Courageous and Triya’s long time off and on lover Veroni K’Rona. They became loving pride mates and helped Kion build the pride family they share today.  To date Triya has three cubs with Kion.   

During Kion’s captaincy of the Reliant she served as diplomatic ambassador on Starbase 147, dealing with the Ferengi.  Later she was assigned to Khitmoer just in time to be caught up in the Kenshya affair.  She was able to survive the assassination attempt at the Federation delegates but was trapped on the planet when the Klingons blockaded the planet just as the Reliant arrived after escaping the Kenshya.  She was able convicnce a disheartened Kion to take charge and participated in Reliant’s mission to save Earth.  Upon Kion’s assignment as Captain of the Enterprise, Triya was able to convince the Diplomatic Corps to make her Chief Liaison on the ship.  She leads the Corps team members and assists the Enterprise crew members in first contacts and diplomatic assignments.  This often involves dealing with issues of the Prime Directive and Federation planning.   

Triya is a woman of many surprising talents.  A keen diplomat, fearsome fighter, amateur medical doctor, has more knowledge of space, starships and space phenomena then the average diplomat.  On the job she is a determined diplomat who holds the Federation on high regards and sometimes her convictions could bring her to conflict with Starfleet personnel if they appear to step over Federation rules.  She can be temperamental at times when her authority is trodden on.  However, compared to other diplomates, Triya is very open minded and has seen many unusual things in her career.  She feels that Starfleet and Diplomatic Corps can work together and works hard to make this come true.  Off duty she is great company, upbeat and light hearted, and good friends with the rest of the crew.  Plus she is a loving pride mate and mother.  She works with Kion to keep their pride together.  Triya is more open about Caitian culture than Kion is.  Being female she did not have to deal with negative stereotypes as Kion has.    

One issue Triya has is dealing with Bolians.  This is manly due to issues with her old boss Gillbion Dorax.  When President Min Zief was arrested and convicted by the Caitians it caused a rift between the two Federation members.  Min Zief was the first Bolian to rise to a high position within the Federation, his ascension to the Presidency was a source of national pride to the Bolians, pride that was shattered when Zief was arrested.  Dorax came from Bolian aristocracy and had not-to subtle distain for Caitians.  When Triya was recruited to be his assistant he treated her like a dumb subordinate often threatening to fire her.  Yet he kept Triya on as a member of his staff until Triya was assigned to the Bonaventure.  Some believe that Dorax got his position by connections rather than skills and Triya might be a much better diplomat than him.