My fan series: Star Trek Unity.  Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry and owned by Paramount & CBS, no copy-write infringement intended.  

Here is the senior staff in the Enterprise F in my universe taking place in the 28th century. (I moved the time of Star Trek timeline up 3 centuries to give mankind more time to invent the necessary technology.  Kirk’s tenure of the original Enterprise was 2565-2570.  Brandon Braga once said that the Star Trek Franchise needed something akin to DC comic’s “Crisis of Infinite Earths” to attract new fans, so I am playing around in the original timeline incorporating elements from the new shows and the “Splinter Timeline”, the book timeline that began at the end of DS9 and took off after Nemesis.)  

Now!  Time to meet the Crew! Here are links to their individual pages: 

Seated center: Captain Kion M’Ress, Species: Caitian.

Captain Kion M’Ress

Seated Left: Commander Lesahuna Romeru. First Officer. Human, African and Hispanic Decent.  

Commander Lesahuna Romeru 

Floating Right of Kion: Commander Ofillia Debionas. Second Officer. Spieces: Haferinian.

Commander Ofillia Debionas

Far right: Commander Kershel, Chief Engineer. Edosian. 

Chief Kershel

Left Front: Dr. Iasami Iao Clein, Chief Medical Officer. Species: Areona.

Dr. Iasami Iao Clein

Seated right: Lt. Comm Dakara, Chef Counselor and Diplomatic Officer. Species: Esumansia.

Right next to Leshauna: Lt. Comm. Siax Berron Ke’Nav, Chief Science Officer.  Species: Jassovarian.

Behind Leshauna right: Lt.Comm Zha’Dee Yarrick of Clan Thelen. Chief of Security. Species: Tarsian, a species mentioned but never seen in the TNG episode “The Hunted”.

Lt.Comm Zha’Dee Yarrick of Clan Thelen 

Left Behind Kion: Lt. Comm. Veroni K’Rona, Caitian:

Lt.Comm Veroni K’Rona

Right behind Leshauna: Lt. Sera’tashi Xosha, Chief Tactical Officer. Species: Tzenkethi 

Lt. Sera’tashi Xosha

Left, behind Dakara: Lt. Derian, Chief Navigator.  Vulcan.

Far Right: Lt. Xaphina D’Jai, Chief Helmsman. Orion.  

Lt. Xaphina D’Jai

Stadning next to Kion: Ambassador Tri’oniya S’Kia, Caitian, Starfleet Ambassador and Chief Liaison to the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  

Ambassador Tri’oniya “Triya” S’Kia