Here the Odyssey-class Enterprise-F in my universe, Star Trek Unity!  Start Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry and owned Paramount and CBS, no copyright infringement intended.

The design is a combination of the original Odyssey Class and the Yorktown class on Star Trek Online.  Mainly inspired by Conn1321 USS Canada: 

Odyssey Class orngally designed by Adam Ihle:

Yorktown Class Designed by Thomas Marrone: 

Others I like to thank for inspiration: and

Here is a little history of the Odyssey Class in the Unity Universe: The design of the Odyssey class began actually as far back into the late 2670s.  During the previous decade Starfleet found itself facing aggressive powers using enormous starships.  The Romulans came out with the D’deridex class warbirds, then during the Dominion war Starfleet faced the Dominion Battleships and Cardassian Hutet-class Capital ships, all larger and more powerful than Starfleet’s largest ships.  This began a desire in Starfleet to create a large starship, a super-cruiser later renamed Star Cruiser.  There were several arguments against building a large vessel ranging from cost and necessity.  In the Dominion war most Hutet class vessels were destroyed by the smaller but heavily armed Achilles-class battle cruisers, thus creating a strong argument in Starfleet to build a large fleet of small, highly armed an maneuverable starships.  The Tzenkethi Coalition also used large starships in their conflicts with the Federation, some to them the largest ships Starfleet ever encountered.  They had a horrifying reputation of being armed with weapons capable of destroying large space stations in one blast or cracking planets.  In practice though they were mainly used as giant support ships or mobile space stations, often being disabled by smaller starships, but it did plant an idea in Starfleet to design giant ships to be used as mobile star bases.  Starfleet finally began the Star Cruiser project after the battle of Bason Rift where the Enterprise-E was nearly destroyed by the Reman Warbird Scimitar, a vessel twice the size of the Sovereign class vessel and carrying 4 times the weaponry. 

Designed by Commander Adam Ihle, construction began on two space frames in Utopia Planitia shipyards, The Odyssey and Verity. Both were to serve as battleships and explorers.  Then in 2681 the Hobus star crisis came about.  Captain Picard and Starfleet’s CNC was approached by Ambassador Spock for help evacuate billions of being threatened by the supernova.  Picard volunteered to lead the attempt but such an effort would require an admiral to lead a fleet for a long mission and Picard was barred from being promoted to Admiral after the disaster at Cait.  Thus the Tellerite Admiral Drev was promoted to lead the evacuation effort.  However Drev did give Picard the flagship for the Evac fleet and the position of field commander, the Verity.  Starfleet decided to take advantage of the large size of ship to carry a large number of evacuees.  All materials and personnel were routed to the Verity with was launched in 2682, the frame of the Odyssey was stored in Neptune Depot.  

Picard wanted to use Utopia Planitia to build a fleet of evacuation tugs but Admiral Drev moved the operation to 40 Eradani Ship Yards.  Half the size of Utopia Palnitia, it was closer to Romulan space but was mainly used by Starfleet as a location to mothball ships or refit them.  It was also selected to be a test ground for an Android work force.  In 2685 the shipyards were destroyed when it appeared that the synth workers went rouge and set the dry-docks and space stations to self destruct, killing 11,745 beings.  The disaster forced Starfleet to abandon the Star Cruiser project and focus on building a large fleet of small, well armed ships like the Inquiry class and more support vessels and diplomatic couriers.  Ultimately the Romulan rescue effort was successful by subterfuge.  Throughout it’s mission Picard and the Verity Crew were ordered to make contact with Ambassador Spock’s acolytes and several resistance and underground groups to spread the word and ignore the Romulan Empire’s claims that no disaster was forth coming.  By the time of the Synth Attack, the Empire was helpless as it’s subjects and even members of it’s military disobeyed orders and spread the alarm.  By the time the Supernova occurred most of Romulan’s civilian population was evacuated thanks to the Verity and the heroic cargo captain Nero.  After the nova, the Verity was able to unravel the attack on the 40 Eradoni shipyards thanks to contacts in the Romulan populace and several brave members of Starfleet Cyber Defense Department.  They found the Zhat Vash organization and exposed Commodore Oh.  The Verity is still in service as a one-off support ship.  

It would not be until the 2700s that Starfleet would look into the large Star Cruiser.  Tensions with Klingon empire were on the rise and inspired by Shinzon’s Scimitar they developed their own large ships with the Vo’quv command carriers and the Bortasqu’ class Dreadnaught Warships.  Starfleet began to invest in large ships for tactical purposes such as the Fortitude-class command cruisers, the Curiosity Tactical Explorers and the large Jupiter Class Carriers.  The Odyssey-class was considered to be Starfleet’s newest deep space, multi-purpose explorer which can serve as a dreadnought, a role held by the Galaxy mark II (Venture class refit)  Between the Dominion War and the new Klingon conflicts there was a desire for new capital explorer starship.  The Sovereign class proved to be a less of a success as an explorer due to its emphasis as a tactical vessel.   Today Sovereign’s are used for patrol and diplomatic missions within Federation borders and hostile powers, showing the flag missions.  A new class of explorer was built in 2684, the Andromeda class (based off DJ Curtis’ Eclipse class) but they were not as powerful as the refitted Galaxy-class mark II which became the jewel of crown of Starfleet’s exploration fleet.  

The Odyssey was taken out of storage and moved to McKinley ship yards over Earth, under the supervision of now Commodore Ihle.  It was updated with the latest technology in Starfleet’s catalog, latest weapons, sensors and life support systems first tested in the Luna-Class, and a Quantum Slisptream drive that will allow the ship to travel 11,000 lightyears in one jump.  The U.S.S. Odyssey was launched in 2709 and command was given to Voyager and command veteran Captain Harry Kim for a 2 year shake down cruise.  After the Odyssey left space dock, the keel for the second Odyssey class vessel was laid and received many changes and updates thanks the results of the Odyssey.  The second ship was finally finished in 2711 after the Klingon Invasion.  Originally named Sojourner, it was later became the eighth ship to be named Enterprise and the seventh to bear the number.