Characters make the story, after their persona and background is established I can focus on their exterior to reflect how they feel and how their background had molded them.  And now I offer my services in designing your own character for games, movies or personal use.

My Process in making new characters goes as fallows: First a series of silhouettes to make conspicuously different characters.  You can tell who’s who at a glance.

Next, add more details such as clothes, props or unique psychical features to the silhouettes to add personalty to the character.

Finally I put the new characters in a group shot to compare their size and add the final details.

And finally a full painting of your character or characters ready for critique and delivery!  All though the process I’ll keep you updated on my progress and will take in your input and critiques as I work.

During my time in school I participated in many anatomy of costume drawing classes and workshops.  Here are some of the best drawings from theWorkshops: (All are done in Charcoal)

Heads and hands: (All are done in Charcoal).

Character Designs for Comics:

Clothed Figure Drawing Class:

Introduction to Anatomy: