This page contains examples of strictly digital art work ranging from Digital Painting, Photo-manipulation and even Graphic Design.

A image for Character Design.  Made in Photoshop based on a story I made way back in Heartland Community College.

New Breed character

My Graphic Designs from EIU.

Palmer Poster Drawing final show

“Titian Oil” Photoshop Painting

Touched Photographs.

Now here are some paintings I did for a VR Company interview.  The first two are for a virtual theatre lobby set in a futuristic style and the other is a visual suite to view live concerts.

My Main art form these days is Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop, here some my best and favorite paintings so far.

One of my biggest interests is Dinosaurs and Paleontology thanks to my Grandfather who was a Paleontologist himself. In 2022 I did a series of paintings to honor him and my passion. I am calling the series “Walking in the Mesozoic Formations”. Each painting represents a rock formation that has yielding dinosaur fossils and portrays what the land and animals are theorized to look like at the time. I hope to do more in the feature but I am thinking of doing other projects this year.

Here is a list of the paintings in Chronological order:

  1. Walking in the Ischigulalasto Formation, Argentina 230 Million years ago, Triassic Period.
  2. Walking in the Morrison Formation, Western United States 150 Million years ago, Jurassic Period, The “Real” Jurassic Park.
  3. Walking in the Alcobaca and Lourinha Formations, Portugal 152.5 Million years ago, Jurassic Period.
  4. Walking in the Tendaguru Formation, Tanzania Africa, 150 Million years ago, Jurassic Period.
  5. Walking in the Wessex Formation, Isle of Wight England, 130 Million years ago, Cretaceous Period.
  6. Walking in the Nemegt Formation, Mongolia, 70 Million years ago, Cretaceous Period.
  7. Walking in the Prince Creek Formation, Alaska, 70 Million Years ago, Cretaceous Period.
  8. Walking in the Javelina Formation, Texas/Mexico Formation, 66 Years ago, Cretaceous Period.
  9. Walking in the Hell Creek Formation, Montana, 65 Million years ago, Cretaceous Period.

Which one is you favorite? I hope you enjoyed “Walking in the Mesozoic Formations”.