My hope is to become a Storyboard Artist and here are the boards and Animatics I have made, along with some artworks that tell a story.

This is an animatic I did for an interview with the animation studio SmashBits.  The story is called “Intergalactic Pizza Man” it takes place in a sci-fi pizza joint.  The audio and dialog was provided by Jasmine Lewis and a the characters were designed by Katerina Tumasz.

“Choices of Love” my final project from my storyboarding class in the Academy of Art University.  

Warning: Adult Content


“Lost Dream” A project from the Academy of Art University.

Now on to the Narrative Artworks. Here is a dragoness eyeing her prince lover.

dragoness romance

Stand off asmt 1

“Stand Off”  Pencils.  For Advanced Perspective Class of the Academy of Art University.

Princess Karent Battle for the Throne

One of my narrative art paintings, Princess Karent has nearly reached her throne!