Halloween is around the corner but for me summer was still in my mind as I worked on the latest in my “Walking In” series. “Walking in the Tedaguru Formation”. Tanzania, Africa in the Late Jurassic period about 150 Million years ago.

On the shell laden beach of a Jurassic costal lagoon, girl of the modern Chagga tribe with a mammal Brancatherulum on her head, touches the noses of adult and juvenile Giraffatitian. Holder the title “tallest dinosaur ever found” for years. The rest of the heard is in the background. Next the girl on the left is a flock of the small dinosaurs Dysalotosaurus. Above them is a heard of the medium sized sauropods: Dicraeosaurus. On the girl’s right is a heard of the stegosaur Kentrosaurus wards off a pair of Elaphrosaurus. In the background a large Veterupristisaurus watches on while a lone Wamweracaudia approaches. On the Giraffatitian and in the air are Tendaguripterus, with a small group on the rock in the water.

I hope you like it, I am open to feedback and critiques.