Happy Holidays everyone! Here is the final painting of the “Walking In” series. A winter themed work, appropriate for this time of year. “Walking in the Prince Creek Formation.”

70 Million years ago in the coastal wilderness that will come the untamed arctic landscape of northern Alaska, a giant herd of herbivores are beginning their trek south for the winter. It is the long twilight until the days of perpetual darkness and the northern lights shine in the sky. The heard is composed of Pachyrhinosaurus, a thick nosed ceratopsians with the Hadrosaur, Edmontosaurs, a northern variety. Both set of herbivores have their young ion tow. Joining the heard is an Inuit girl with a group of Cimolodon mammals.

The heard leaves behind a fallen elderly Pachyrhinosaurus to a smaller cousin of Trex, a Nanuqusaurus, meaning “polar bear lizard”. She watches her young feed on the carcass. On outer edge of the herbivore heard, a family of Alaskacephale are being menaced by a duo of large Alaskan Troodon, whom are in tern are menaced by a Pachyrinosaurus. On the left side corner in the reads, small, mouse-like Unnuakomys concrigates and on a nearby log, a family of Gypsonictops looks onward at the heard.

Prince Creek is another dinosaur baring formation my Granddad worked on, though not as much as Hell Creek. He was interested in the Dinosaurs that lived in this polar environment.

I might return to the “Walking In” series next year but I am also planning different projects. Keep visiting the sight for the complete set of the “Walking In Series”.