During my time taking my UI/UX class I still had time to make my personal artwork. I decided to go back to the character of Princess Karent, my warrior princess. This takes place during her rise to power when she is living with the common folk, gathering allies and taking the pulse of the kingdom she wishes to take back from her selfish half-brother.

This point of her life is fraught with danger. Being a woman, she had to deal with up alpha-male nobility, selfish businessmen and corrupted law enforcement agents. Here she is saving a girl from an assassin hired by the local duke after the girl refused her advancements. The assassin had help from a solider also paid by the duke. Fortunately neither were a match for a determined princess.

Princess Karent At Night

I was inspired by older european towns for the location, but I had a lot of trouble with the light. It was tricky to get harsh bright light while keeping the alleyway dim and spooky at the same time. I’m open to feedback and criticism.