Summer has suddenly come to Normal, IL. I’m still looking for work related to my degree, but I’m still working on art. One of my favorite artists is the muralist Wayland and his large whale paintings. I decided to do a oceanscape myself based on my love for the ocean. I was also listening to Alan Menken’s “The Little Mermaid” opening what that simple piece of music became the voice of the sea. During the Pandemic, many times I wished I was living by a beach, either in a beach house in Cape Hatteras, my dad’s family’s favorite vacation spot or the peaceful shores of Monterey Bay.

“Be One with the Sea” is based off the kelp forrest of Monterey Bay. And I always loved Orca whales, and loved drawing them. Right now as we leave quarantine I hope we will work harder to preserve the ocean and all of nature.

Be One with the Sea drawing.