Finally after a vacation and several busy days at work, the most ambitious painting in “Walking In” Series. “Walking in the Morrison Formation.” Welcome to the real Jurassic Park, the land of the sauropods, my favorite type of dinosaur. Set 150 million years ago in the lands with will be the old west in America, reaching from the Oklahoma/Texas panhandles to the badlands of Arizona and Wyoming with Colorado being the center of the formation. The Morrison formation is one of the largest and most famous dinosaur formations known to science.

Here, overlooking the fern savannah of Jurassic Colorado, a Arapaho girl leads a young cowboy, a flock of Dryosaurus, and small pack of Docodon mammals. A jurassic anteater called Fritafossor hitches a ride on the cowboy’s hat. A running croc called Hallopus runs with the group towards a fern patch being munched on by an ankylosaur Gargoyleosaurus. The group is watched by a curious heard of Apatosaurs on the left and Supersaurus on the right. Across the river on the right a heard of Brachiosaurus gathers. Just past he Supersaurus, the apex predator of the formation, a Saurophaganax, has taken down a Camarasaurus, but is boing challenged by a pair of Allosaurus, the most common predator in the formation. Behind them another pair of Ceratosaurus looks on, waiting for their chance. The violence does not deter more Camarasurus, the most common sauropod in the formation, from eating and drinking at the river bank. But a mixed heard of fearful Captosaurus and spiked tailed Stegosaurs decide to leave the scene. They are joined by a heard of Diplodocus at the left. Further in the background, a pair of Barosaurus, possibly the longest sauropod in the formation, munches on ferns while a heard of the mini sauropod Kaatedocus moves to find their own feeding ground. Another heard of Camarasurus fades in the background. Above it all on the right Kepodactylus, and on the left Harpactognathus take flight.

On the mountain top on the right is the silhouette of the greatest mysteries of the Morrison formation. Know form only a single backbone as tall as a man which later disappeared, scientists have made estimates that put Maraapunisaurus as a possible candidate of the largest Dinosaur that has ever been found.

So many dinosaurs in one painting! I am open to criteques and feedback. Hope you like it.